Young musician Imeeka Divine is ‘On the Rise’
Young musician Imeeka Divine Fraser
Young musician Imeeka Divine Fraser

AT just 12 years old, Imeeka Divine Fraser wrote her first song titled, “See Me On My Grind,” a concept she said easily came to mind which gave her an opportunity to express her confidence in reaching her future goals.

By that time, she’d already known that she wanted to become a singer/song writer, especially with the backing that came from her father, Clarence ‘Imykal’ Fraser, who is also a musician by profession.

Born in Jamaica, Imeeka, now 17, migrated to Guyana at an early age to live with her father.

Having completed her song, she started recording at age 13.

Imeeka is currently working on an album called “Calling on the Universe” to be released in January

“Imeeka is a promising and talented artist [sic] who aspires to do great things in music,” the proud father told BUZZ this week.

“Her musical ambitions are versatile, grounded and rooted in consciousness and collective vibes. Her songs are currently getting a lot of airplay,” he continued.

Currently working with House of Relatives Productions Recording Label, in Providence, East Bank Demerara (EBD), Imeeka has experienced crossover music, meaning that she not only focuses on Reggae and R&B, but explores other genres as well.

Just recently, her two songs “On the Rise” and “Starting from the Bottom” were released and she’s currently working on producing videos for both.

With her father, Clarence ‘Imykal’ Fraser

Having recorded more than five songs in her career so far, she’s written quite a lot more and will be recording new ones soon.

“I always loved music and I realised I wanted to do it as a career. I have always been singing and I always knew it was something I was good at,” the young musician expressed, adding, “I want to be an international artiste and at a certain age, I want to accomplish a lot.”

Imeeka said she believes she will make it as she is ready to put in the dedication and hard work that are required.

She also sings strictly positive, conscious music. “I feel it has so much impact on people. Not everyone likes unnecessary singing; people want relevant music. Some people like negativity in music but not everyone. I want to inspire people with my music,” she said.

Currently working on an album called “Calling on the Universe,” which is to be released in January, Imeeka is also doing a collaboration with Jamaican reggae star ‘Erup.’

Although music is what she wants as a profession, she also has in mind pursuing her studies further. She hopes to focus on business, which she believes will complement her music.

Imeeka is also grateful for the support from her dad. “He has always been helping me. He’s the one person who is always there to push and guide me.”


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