Moraikobai Safari returns after pandemic hiatus
Moraikobai Culture group doing a dance (DPI photo)
Moraikobai Culture group doing a dance (DPI photo)

RAINFOREST Tours in collaboration with the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) conducted a successful Moraikobai safari over the weekend.
Though the expedition is usually held in February, this year’s event was held from November 5-7, and saw seven off-road vehicles embarking on a drive through the wetlands.

Moraikobai is one of 10 communities being supported by the GTA to develop their tourism products.

“The Moraikobai sand safari allows us to further develop our adventure product. Guyana is known as an adventure, a nature-based destination and this bodes well for the product that we have. Moraikobai is one of the communities that we have been supporting here at the Guyana Tourism Authority,” said Kamrul Baksh Deputy Director of the GTA.

The journey to the Region Five indigenous community takes roughly six hours by road.
After the ride, visitors settled into their new environment and prepared for the two days of activities. These include fishing, cultural programmes, swimming and delivering contributions to the village.

Some participants shared their thoughts on the safari with the Department of Public Information (DPI).

“I was always an outdoors person, I like the outdoors, I just came back to Guyana a few months ago and I was looking forward to doing this and coming out on safaris and Guyana’s outdoors to explore it. So, when I saw the ad on Facebook, I called Frank and made arrangements so I could come out and I have no regrets.

It’s perfect, the trail was exactly as I wanted it to be; it wasn’t too difficult and staying in the village is just wonderful, the people are just wonderful, so it was a good experience for me,” said Jai Parasaram.

Another participant, Alim Mohamed, said he enjoys being in the community and will continue to visit.
“The improvement with the new guest house that they did across there is pretty impressive, they seem to be a thriving little town going here and hopefully they can attract a lot more people from the outside and keep the village going and sustained with some tourism.”

“This is maybe the third time I’m coming here and it’s a wonderful experience and it could really expose lots of people to how beautiful Guyana is and how beautiful the country is and lots of people with diverse cultures,” said Ronald Tooslie, another participant.
Safeena Singh also participated in the safari.

“The best part of this safari is the boat ride. We had so much fun on this trip. I have no regrets coming, it was fantastic. Then the culture shows last night, it was off the hook, I have no regrets coming and I could have even brought my kid and she is only six years old,” she told DPI.

Meanwhile, safarian and General Manager of Guyana Beverages Inc., Samuel Arjoon, who has visited numerous times is now hoping to collaborate with the community to support its tourism drive.

“The captain and I are in discussions to see how we can collaborate, that’s Guyana Beverages with Moraikobai to help develop the tourism product,” Arjoon said.

Toshao Derrick John is very optimistic about Moraikobai’s tourism. He noted that the GTA has supported the community in its tourism development, while the Government of Guyana has supported by funding the construction of the new Ubudi Lodge.

“I think that Moraikobai has a good potential to drive tourism especially since Moraikobai is the only Indigenous community in Region number Five and so we would like partners to come on board to help us to be able to develop a more comprehensive package for tourism,” the toshao said.

Proprietor of Rainforest Tours, Frank Singh, noted that the safari was a successful one. It is one of four facilitated by the tour company.


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