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To God be to Glory for the great things he is doing in my life. I am grateful for the open doors that create a platform to help others achieve their dreams. We just wrapped up a new feature that is now added to the Virtual Writers Retreat. I am grateful Claudia and I reviewed the programme we did when we wanted to write our books. It was a good programme but we will include some other elements. When we decided to host the Virtual Writers Retreat we included in the content many things we were not privileged to access at that time. One of the other things we took into consideration is an affordable price. We had included a bonus day in the first retreat and added a clarity coaching call in the second after the bonus day.

We are happy we did because it was successful. Sharing why of the reasons I mentioned. Pamela Dillon is an entrepreneur and has been part of the beauty industry for over three decades. She has been part of the retreat and this is her opinion on the new feature. “ The CLARITY COACHING SESSION was all that and a bag of chips. I want to say a big thank you for going the extra mile by personalising this session and holding us accountable by prioritising whatever our stumbling blocks were. Thank you, queens (Claudia & Sonia), for your honest, gentle critiquing skills that helped me breathe a sigh of relief and; it’s true that we can benefit from doing this round table analysis because so much of what was said to others impacted my progress.”
You can’t lose with great content, affordable prices and empowering atmosphere with likeminded people.

I enjoyed working with Claudia so much that we embarked on a sister project.  The CCS Writers’ Subscription Club. We will be launching via live stream on February 28.
The CCS (Create Compelling Stories)Writers’ Collab is a members-only subscription service for anyone interested in crafting their story in a safe, slow-paced, conscious-driven environment. In this space, you can acquire skills for strong writing, compelling presentations, and creative thinking. Here’s what the CCS Writer’s Collab members receive:
Monthly Mastermind Call- Every month, you have the opportunity to join us for an experiential workshop followed by a Q&A session.

The Writing Room- A monthly newsletter featuring practical advice for writing and presenting. A private space where members can share ideas, 24/7. Ask questions, make comments, and give answers.

Founding Member Bonuses- Discounts on CCS retreats/services for the life of your membership. Opportunity to participate in future virtual/in-person events. Members also receive a curated list of articles and resources to equip them with tools to help them grow as writers.

If your goals align with our vision, we would love to have you join us! If you register before the launch you will receive a special gift. Email info@createcompellingstories.com to register.
Claudia is a servant leader and that is one of many qualities I admire.

“The  CCS Writer’s Collab is very special to me because it allows aspiring writers to learn simple yet proven techniques to improve their writing and presenting skills.  In this safe and loving environment, members can exchange ideas, ask questions and share their wins. They can also participate in monthly experiential workshops where we cover a range of topics, i.e., market research, book genre, point of view, character arc, scenery construction, editing techniques, and so much more.” Claudia said

This platform will benefit people of all ages and various backgrounds. I was thinking about the differences this could make many lives.  I was invited to be part of something like these years ago and I encourage people to take advantage of this opportunity.

Sometimes, the most difficult part of writing is simply getting started and this club will get you started. Whether you’re it is your first attempt at crafting your story or you’re opening a fresh, blank document after finishing your last project. An empty page can be a little daunting and this environment will certainly help. Join the launch on the Sonia Noel FB page at 17:00hrs on February 28.

I love this quote by Shannon Hale “I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shovelling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.”
Let’s approach crafting our stories with an open and the results can be unbelievable as we continue to celebrate this beautiful journey called life BEYOND THE RUNWAY.

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