WAB-SNFCA Women’s Month Celebrations
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THE International Women’s Day 2021 theme is ‘Choose to Challenge”. A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. I love this theme because it is an appropriate time in this time which calls for a change of mindset. Albert Einstein  said “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
Lots of changes are happening in these challenging times but we still need to maintain a positive perspective. Growth happens outside our comfort zones and that is why we need to stretch ourselves. The month of March highlights the achievements of women from around the world and many empowering platforms are available, even more this month.

Sonia Noel Foundation for Creative Arts and the Women Across Borders will be hosting multiple events. I believe in the guidance from God so the first virtual event on the calendar of events was Prayer, Worship and meditation. Sister Sanola Shepherd led us in prayers which set the tone to an anointed atmosphere. I am so proud of her and her spirit. She hosts a spirit-filled podcast called Prayer Closet. When I decided on this event her name was the first name that was dropped in my spirit and God made her availability possible to join us. We constantly discuss how grateful we are for the foundation from pastor Claude and Carole Brooks from Love and Faith Ministry. It was a mighty session and that was the feedback from all the women who participated. Many shared the clarity and downloads received during and after the session. I am revisiting my whys for everything I do and was encouraged to continue building a strong spiritual foundation. Monica shared her take away.

The opening prayer was revitalising and mystical for me. By the way,  Sanola  has a divine voice, she set the tone for the spiritual expression to flow. I felt the Holy Spirit among us, and the echo of trusting and listening to God’s guidance through meditation and prayer request! Everyone sincerely shared their special prayer request and at the end we received confirmation that the Holy Spirit will speak to us as we wait on the lord for wisdom, insight and direction. The one-minute meditation was a pause button where we waited on God in the time of silence, giving the Lord the opportunity to speak to us. I focused my time of prayer on intentional, purposeful listening and I was able to receive the guidance from God to read what the Bible says about my purpose! I finally got my answer to my prayer request Amen! Sonia’s closing prayer articulated God’s vision for our lives and how we must trust him to show us more as we begin to live it. There were other highlights but it will take time to write but the main purpose of the meeting I am sure was achieved. Everyone left the meeting feeling blessed and very hopeful.

March 2 was a Women Across Borders interview with Charles Ellis from the Power within and another interview on March 6th on the Connection Show.

March 7 is 21st Century Thinking for Wealth Creation and Management. Pastor Joseph Persaud  (Liberty Church NY) will be the facilitator for the virtual event. He is CEO of Philia Foundation Poverty Reduction and  an Executive in an Insurance Firm. He is also the founder of Hope is Rising.  On the 8th Co-author, Andrea Sampson in Florida Women Across Book Signing and excerpts reading.

Senior Citizen Afternoon Tea and Storytelling is in March as well.
Another interview WAB on the 15th and16th.Women in Business Virtual Expo (live stream) on the 17th and 18th.  Booking Signing and Excepts readings at the National Library on March 19.
Confidence Becomes You Virtual event for girls on March 20 and Co-author Isabella Ngcobo, one of the Co-authors will be hosting a Book Signing and Excerpt Reading.

WAB Interview on Watch Radio NY on the 21st. The Women Across Borders Co-authors will be sharing their stories from the 25th to the 27th at the WAB Virtual Summit.
Penny Phakathi, another co-author from South Africa will be hosting her event on the 27th .

Women Across Border Tea Party and Book Signing will be hosted by co-author Nadira Budram on the 28th March and one will be hosted in Guyana on that same day. On the 29th, Wilma Mulcare will be hosting we will be hosting storytelling. Another session of Prayer, Worship and Meditation.  Last year we hosted INSPIRE YOU  for  the first time streaming live from with the intentions of hosting an in-person event in 2021 but God had other plans and now it will be on the 30th March in the virtual space.

95 percent of these events are free and we encourage you to join us
(livingwithintention11@gmail.com or WhatsApp 592-6848129) as we continue to give GOD the glory for the great things he is doing BEYOND THE RUNWAY.

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