To the people who can’t get out of bed

This one is an important one for me because there was a time when it was difficult for me to get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes it’s hard to find a purpose and you’re not alone in this thought.

It’s more than the bed is comfortable, the covers are warm, your body is in the most comfortable position; it’s the feeling that no matter what, you do not want to get out of that bed. You might feel there is no reason to but a strong part of you really does want to get up, you just can’t. Fear not, some things can be done.

Sometimes, its medical conditions, such as depression or Dysania – that’s the word psychiatrists use to describe those who don’t get out of bed – but other times, its things that we can do on your own, without any professional help.

I’m not shying away from professional help because typically if you can’t get out of bed, it is a sign of serious depression and you should seek help for that. However, I’m going to talk about what you can do in the beginning stages because if you can’t even get out of bed, how are you going to seek professional help?

First you can make changes while you’re still in bed. The first is to try and regulate how much you sleep. A good night’s rest (8 hours) is important but sleeping all day is not. Too much of anything isn’t good for us- even sleep. So, have a good night’s rest but try and stay awake during the day.

Next, relaxation- just because you’re lying in bed does not mean you are mentally relaxed. To do this, you should try some form of mediation, laying there and doing deep breathing, focusing on the present and acknowledging how you feel.

Try some stretching, some light exercise like yoga poses- this can be done in bed and can bring energy and motivation.

Entertainment is key but not enough that it keeps you in bed. You want to find stuff that makes you feel good enough to want to get out of bed. This can be music or movies but it has to be the right genre; uplifting and motivational.

You can read self-help books or books that provide motivation to make lists of short and long term goals and dreams. Try journaling – write down your thoughts and feelings; what’s keeping you in bed and what you think can make you come out of bed.

Try some light therapy, if you have a window in the room, open the blinds and get some sunlight as vitamin D helps with motivation and energy. If you don’t, simply leave a light on during the day; do not lie down in darkness all day.

Eat some food- even if it is in bed; keep your energy up with healthy food and snacks. Although, it would be best to start a list of things you can do out of bed- eating should be one.

When you’ve done all of this, after a few days, use your journal to make up a morning routine.

This can look like this.
Sit up- get out of bed- have some breakfast- do some stretching – focus on what’s around you that needs to be done. Is it house work, school work – anything that you have to do? Make a list of things you enjoy doing and do them one at a time- do not overwhelm yourself.

Some people find it beneficial to give themselves responsibly such as get a pet so you know you need to get out of bed to care for them and in turn, they care for you.
Find someone to talk to, someone who understands your situation and gives you the motivation to want to get up.

Stick to the same routine every day until you can do a little more every day. Your day does not have to start at 6am, you start it whenever you’re ready.

Remember that mental health is connected with physical health and staying in bed all day can create additional physical issues that may make things worse.

Think back to a time when you weren’t stuck in bed. What were you able to do? What gave you joy? Desire can provide tons of energy. Visualise successful moments and days from the past and future.

Taking small steps forward is still moving in the right direction- forward! Thanks for reading. Please send any topic you would like to discuss to

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