Rohee: Critics will be answered on Nomination Day

PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee

CRITICISMS have been many, and anything but far apart regarding the list of candidates that the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) will field come Nomination Day.And PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee, says that critics will have their answer come Tuesday, April 7.

“Let us wait on Nomination Day and see what the PPP/C has to offer the Guyanese people,” he said.
The Party’s presidential candidate and Incumbent President, Donald Ramotar, in a prior interview, assured the public that the PPP/C list of candidates will be a representative list.
“I believe that we will have a list of candidates that includes people who are aptly competent to take this country forward…I think we will have a good List of Candidates. Our list will reflect the population of the country,” he said, adding that this – a representative list – has always been a focus for the PPP/C.
The former General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C), now the party’s presidential nominee, headed the List of Candidates in the 2011 elections.
According to the President, full representation has always been a consideration for the PPP/C, as is reflected in the policies, programmes and legislative actions advanced by successive PPP/C Administrations.
“The PPP was founded as a national party and remains a national party,” he stressed.
The ruling party, itself, in a statement yesterday, echoed similar sentiments. “The PPP/C will present a list of outstanding and committed Guyanese to the people on Nomination Day,” the Party said.
The 65 Members of the National Assembly, relative to representation in the House, will be decided on the basis of the outcome of the upcoming General and Regional Elections, and who those individuals are will be based on the names submitted, via the Lists of Candidates.
In the 10th Parliament, which was convened on January 12, 2012, the PPP/C held 32 of the 65 seats and its members included different races, genders and representation from the different regions in Guyana.
Additionally, GECOM has made public its guidelines for the composition of the necessary lists that need to be submitted, come April 7.
Contesting parties are permitted to submit three separate lists on Nomination Day. These Lists of Candidates are in respect of: Geographical Constituencies Lists; National Top-up Lists; and Regional Democratic Council Lists.
In accordance with the electoral system of Proportional Representation, in order to qualify for a seat in the National Assembly, contesting parties must contest a minimum of six (6) of the Geographical Constituencies- totalling at least 13 seats for eligibility to contest and submit Geographical Constituencies lists and National Top-up Lists. This arrangement will provide for that qualified contesting party to submit on Nomination Day, two separate Lists of Candidates.
Any contesting political party can contest the election of members of any of the 10 Regional Democratic Councils. For this purpose, a List of Candidates must be submitted on Nomination Day. (Vanessa Narine)