APNU needs to apologise for disruptive behaviour at City Hall


…says Minister Robert Persaud
A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has shown its true colours by not apologising and justifying the breakdown of order by members of its contingent on Nomination Day, Thursday 27 October 2011.

This statement, issued from the PPP/C headquarters, comes in the wake of a statement issued by APNU, in which the members of the opposition are calling for an apology from Minister of Agriculture and PPP/C elections committee member Robert Persaud, for his condemnation of the storming of City Hall, by APNU supporters.
“If anyone needs to apologise it is Granger and Roopnarine for encouraging and now justifying disruptive behaviour in our society. Can we trust these individuals with governing our society when they encourage lawlessness?” the Freedom House release stated.
Minister Persaud, at a press briefing last Friday, commented upon the storming of City Hall compound and attempts to enter the nomination room by the PNCR-led APNU’s supporters, when political parties were presenting their lists of candidates for the elections.
This action, the PPP/C campaign spokesman said, proved that the PNCR led APNU has not changed.
According to Persaud, it is expected that political parties’ supporters would act in a civil manner on Nomination Day, but APNU failed to live up to such expectation.
Last Thursday, as APNU’s Presidential Candidate David Granger arrived, his supporters converged in front of City Hall; and when they were told by police that they were not allowed in the compound, they became angry and broke through the barriers, forcing city constables and other policemen to run for cover. Members of the media as well as employees of the municipality were also forced to run for cover.
Further, the Freedom House statement, issued   yesterday, stated, “The people of Guyana cannot be fooled by the old PNC, now rebranded APNU, which has not changed, no matter the new name.”