Region Seven will not be left behind
President Ali greeting residents of Bartica before heading to Dino Square for a public meeting
President Ali greeting residents of Bartica before heading to Dino Square for a public meeting

–forestry, mining sectors are priority, President Ali says

EMPHASISNG that Region Seven has already received a tremendous injection of investments from the government, President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali on Sunday told residents that they should expect further development to take place.

President Ali was at the time addressing a massive crowd in the township of Bartica where the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) was holding a public meeting ahead of the June 12 Local Government Elections (LGEs).

According to the President, the Cuyuni-Mazaruni region has an integral role to play in bridging gaps and spearheading major integrations.

“My friends, tonight and the days ahead, you have a very serious decision to make; a decision that will impact your township, impact your life, your family’s life, impact the development of this town,” he said, while also exposing the Opposition for their constant echoing of lies and false promises.

“It is important that we have leadership who can embrace the priority of the people; the township and the priority of the development needs as its focus and not the priority of its political propaganda and mischief,” President Ali said by way of explaining that his government is presenting a platform of trust, progress and support.

Speaking on the importance of the upcoming LGEs, he said: “Elections are about who you can trust; who delivers to you, who keeps their promises with you…” adding that given the APNU’s poor track record, “they can never claim honesty and dignity”.

Owing to the fact that mining and forestry are two of the main economic activities in the region, the president reminded Barticians of how the Opposition oppressed them, and had no interest in their well-being.
He disclosed that prior to the PPP/C taking office, the APNU+AFC’s massive tax increases had contributed to the decline of 60 per cent of all mining operations, and, rather than advancing and developing the forestry industry, their policies led to the loss of 20,000 jobs and the sector’s bankruptcy.

Noting that the government’s priority is to strengthen these two sectors, he advised the residents to support the party that cares about them, rather than one that manipulates race relations and uses them as a smokescreen for their awful record.

The Head of State continued: “When we left office in 2015, we were producing more than 100,000 cubic meters of lumber.”

He conveyed that this amount was enough to build 4,000 homes, and provide 5,000 jobs directly and indirectly, noting that the Opposition left the industry to collapse within a mere 15 months of being in office.

The president confidently assured citizens of a number of developments that the region is undergoing, including the government’s plans to install more streetlights for improved security, the housing programme’s rapid progress, the large investments in health infrastructure, and the tens of millions of dollars spent on enhancing the township’s water policy.


Astonished by the massive crowd before her, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Gail Teixeira said that Guyana is: “Moving forward like never before, and we are seeing change everywhere.”

Applauding the President for his aggressive drive which is taking Guyana above and beyond, she said that even international dignitaries are both amazed and stunned by the nation’s rapidly growing economy.

Furthermore, she conveyed that PPP/C supporters were discriminated in all fields, such as being denied employment while the Opposition held office.

“The PPP is not vindictive; the government is not vindictive,” Minister Teixeira asserted.

In contrast to the Opposition, she said, everyone is invited to take advantage of any opportunity that the governing PPP/C presents.

In fact, the minister mentioned that even the cash grant for schoolchildren that the Opposition had taken away is now available to everyone, regardless of their political affiliation.

“We have the best government we could ever wish for,” Teixeira emphasised as she explained that everything the government does is part of its efforts to steer the country in the right direction.


Meanwhile, secondary school teacher and former APNU member, Jermaine Joseph, who is a PR Candidate for the PPP/C in Bartica, commended President Ali for his efforts, outstanding work and overall just being “a people’s person”.

Joseph said that President Ali is capable of bringing the entire Guyana together, especially with his ‘One Guyana’ strategy.

“I am with the movement for change,” he affirmed.

The PR Candidate urged the people of the town to vote for accountability, transparency and progress, before emphasising that it is time for Bartica to get better management.

Furthermore, he called out the Opposition’s “don’t care” attitude, which stands as an obstacle in the way of the region’s development.

“They [APNU] think they have a transport over Bartica,” he said before adding, “When you’re voting for us, you’re voting for accountability…”


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