The “Big Lie” syndrome

IN Guyana, it is very easy for some ordinary people to get caught up telling an ‘untruth or lie’ to justify a situation that they ‘can’t” seem to accept.
Also, if that ‘lie’ is repeated by influential personalities in the world of politics, public life, and public communications ad nauseum — with no one challenging it — it slowly borders on becoming an illusion of the truth.

Therefore, it can be reasonably said that the political opposition in Guyana is guilty of perpetuating a “big lie” about who really won the elections which were held on March 2, 2020.
They appear to be casting the blame on every one else except themselves for loosing the confidence of the public to lead this country forward. So far, the APNU+AFC and the propogandists in their circles have told the story of how they were cheated, robbed, and bullied out of government. No one with commonsense, who is big and intelligent, believes!

They have used the arguments of racial politics and political discrimination to pollute the waters of the minds of Guyanese, thereby appealing to their inner-most feelings and sensitivities. And, the opposition parliamentarians have taken the National Assembly hostage with their politics of spite and vindictiveness as they lead the charge against the government.

A fact to note is that these politicians are now using the words “illegally installed”, “fraudulent” and “illegitimate” before the names of the President and his ministers when they are going out on their meetings with their constituents and even on their interviews with media folks here. Social media is being utilised as a weapon against the government and one section of the population as it carries the narrative forward of the opposition. They are now using the Facebook live, Facebook messaging, WhatsApp calling and messaging, You Yube live, podcasting services and texts to galvanise the ‘big lie’. No one with commonsense, who is big and intelligent, believes!

Sadly, the opposition is on a mission to sell “the big lie” to the public without even having any quantitative evidence to back up their delusional mindset. The opposition can simply prove the conspiracy against them by releasing their SoPs and exposing the numbers for all to be the judge.
In any event, the public has rejected their leaders and the conspiracy theories that the election was grabbed from them. If the leaders want to be true to themselves, they would change course or jump ship because they are wasting their efforts on supporting the ‘big lie’.

Their post-election posture is falling and the ship is sinking because every single way they turn is beset with stories of the loosing– just look at their elections petition cases that were filed in court. Any sensible Guyanese knew that argumentations put forward by the now-come legal minds were dead on arrival because they are not supported or based upon sound law.

And the government cannot be caught with their backside exposed when it comes to issues related to accountability, transparency and accountability because the public information machinery is hard at its work counteracting every single lie and misrepresentation that is thrown by the man and women who are secretly funding, aiding and abetting the ‘big lie’.

It is time that opposition recognises that they can’t win the public trust and confidence by engineering the big lie any longer. The regional and international communities, which they have disparaged in their quest for power, have moved on and are paying you back with deaf ears unless you can bring a truthful and serious issue to their attention. The civil society, private sector and the masses have moved on.

But still no one is safe from this bout of classical desperation and bankruptcy from the leadership of the Coalition. Their argumentations are not based on normal facts, truth, logic or rational thought.

If the opposition can’t get over and past this loss, they will continue to be like nomads clutching at the elusive straws. Stop telling ‘the big lie” and regroup, revitalise and reorganise your strategy. Stop this shameful charade of political stubbornness! Lick the wounds of this political defeat and embark on a process of internal healing and reconciliation which can bring about a fresh and new way of political leadership.

How long will the opposition wallow in the depths of political insanity and disbelief.
Either way, Guyana is moving, growing and progressing into the new age and can ill afford waiting.

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