GTA targets diaspora in tourism drive


THE Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the United Guyanese Diaspora Global Network Corp (UGDGN) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to engage the Guyanese diaspora in various forms of tourism.

The collaboration is the first of its kind between the GTA and a diaspora organisation, and promises attractive travel packages for the diaspora community and information regarding travel opportunities.

According to a press statement, UGDGN Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Wayne Ford said the MoU will give the UGDGN a focused vision on how both organisations can infuse fresh energies and aspirations for the greater good of Guyana.

“The ingredients to ignite the prosperity engines of Guyana will take a united effort from all of our affinity groups signing up as evangelists for our homeland and coming together using technologies to crystalise a shared vision, coupled with an execution game plan along with an innovative edge,” he said.

Forde further detailed UGDGN’s next steps which include upgrading their web presence ( to transform it into a central opportunity and information hub for happenings within the diaspora and the homeland.

The database consists of 400+ Guyanese diaspora organisations in New York, Atlanta, Toronto, London and beyond, thereby giving them a critical tool to consolidate the virtual community and grow it into an engaged powerhouse.

According to GTA Director Brian Mullis, such partnerships are vital to the success of Guyana’s overall tourism strategy.

He stated that the alliance with the UGDNC will ensure that the GTA is positioned to more effectively and efficiently reach the Guyanese diaspora, raise awareness of the growing variety of tourism attractions and experiences and strengthen diaspora engagement and visitation to Guyana in the process.

North America and the United Kingdom are Guyana’s core markets with a growing number of diaspora and leisure travellers seeking out authentic and meaningful cultural heritage, nature and adventure experiences in unspoiled destinations.

GTA is focused on Guyana becoming recognised locally and internationally as a premier destination for protecting its natural and cultural heritage, providing authentic experiences, and maximising local economic benefits.

The United Guyanese Diaspora Global Network Corp is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organisation established for charitable purposes. It is committed to promoting and encouraging active diaspora engagement for social and economic development in Guyana, by utilising the collective strengths and potential of a united Guyanese diaspora. UGDGN seeks to foster transformational change, innovation, and to create a prosperous and harmonious Guyana for all Guyanese.