Petrobras still negotiating for oil block offshore
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– that and other Brazilian companies looking for opportunities locally

THE Brazilian Oil Company, Petrobras, is still negotiating with the Government to secure an oil block offshore Guyana.

The company had officially applied for an oil block early this year and is still in the process of trying to acquire the block, said Deputy Ambassador of Brazil to Guyana, Ronaldo Vieira during an exclusive interview with the Guyana Chronicle on Monday.
“They are still dealing with this particular block but it is not just Petrobras, there are a number of Brazilian companies that are trying to get into the market here; we are liaising with local businesses to make connection with those in Brazil.
“It is the same level with ExxonMobil. Petrobras explore and drill and do lots of things related to that but then there are smaller companies that provide parts, management of the platform and so forth,” he said.
Vieira further said that there are a lot of opportunities here that are related to the budding oil and gas industry.

Petrobras is looking to capitalise on the opportunities. It is one of a number of large oil companies seeking to acquire offshore blocks in Guyana
It was reported that US oil major Chevron, and France’s Total are also among nine companies seeking remaining oil blocks here and government is exploring both “direct engagements” and a “select bidding process” in assigning them.
The companies that have blocks in the deep water area, offshore Guyana, are: Repsol and Tullow Oil (the Kanuku Block); Tullow (the Orinduik Block); Anadarko (the Roraima Block); Ratio Oil (the Kaieteur Block); Esso, CNOOC Nexen and Hess (the Stabroek Block); Esso, Mid Atlantic and JHI (the Canje Block; CGX (the Demerara and Corentyne blocks); ON Energy; and Nabi.

Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman had noted earlier this year that Guyana and Brazil have been collaborators since the early eighties and he is happy for the re-engagement, given the benefits to be had by the country.

“Now we are looking at petroleum development, and two areas of particular interest of course are the actual production exploration and production. Petrobras is a known world leader in production; as well as in the training and technical sides, they have decades of experience that we don’t have, and they can help train some of our people”, Trotman said.
Petrobras which was established in 1953 specialises in exploration and production, refining, marketing, transportation, petrochemicals, oil product distribution, natural gas, electricity, chemical-gas and biofuels.

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