UDFA/GT Beer knockout final
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Can Milerock stop giant-killers Winners Connection for $1M?

… Topp XX face Silver Shattas for third place

CBR Milerock will be looking towards landing the coveted Upper Demerara Football Association/GT Beer knockout trophy and $1M today, New Year’s Day, when they face Winners Connection in what could be a scorcher as a huge crowd is anticipated to converge on the Mackenzie Sports Club ground.The team known as the ‘Chosen One’ years ago when they landed nationwide will be boasting a number of very talented players who coach Bryan Joseph feels are more than capable of carting off the honours tonight.
Speaking to Joseph after the game on Sunday night he remarked “I am happy with my selection for the final. I know after tonight’s game there are no injuries, so I am happy that I have a full team for the game.”
Questioned on his approach to the final Joseph said of his forward line, “I think one of the key players definitely will be Clarence Huggins, a former stand-out youth player and I am hoping he can convert his opportunities, but also Mark Moses has been excellent, as well as Dominique Babb. At midfield we have Jermain Grandison who has been a tower of strength, not to mention our 16-year-old Mark McLean who has been excellent in the attacking third.“
Of his back line Joseph noted that his captain Derrol Dainty is marshalling his troops at the back along with Akeem Green and Ralph Alexander who played his first match and looked pretty solid with Taurus Franklin in goal and I think we are solid for the final.”
In summing up his chances Joseph, a former Guyana Footballer-of-the-Year said “We are pretty covered in all areas of the pitch and have good quality in all areas, so we just got to deliver”.
Carlyle Hunte, the former Milerock stand-out defence player and captain, now Winners Connection coach says that while he has respect for his former club, “this is business and we want to be the champions on New Year’s night”.
Hunte said of his team toppling Topp XX to reach Milertock in the final “I am not surprised, I have confidence in my team.” He said while Milerock would have been among the favoured clubs his side have shown tremendous ability coming through to be here.
Hunte related “We came prepared to play in the mud against Topp XX but when we came the UDFA changed the field to another playing area. But it automatically was for us to play our normal football by knocking the ball around using the widths and crossing the balls.”
He singled out his youthful striker and former star player at the secondary school level Marlamaque Davidson as a player to watch. He, along with veteran scorer Rawle ‘Boney’ Gittens, could prove more than a handful for the Milerock defenders.”
Hunte continued: “Just behind are the capable Chris Young and Keiron Cameron and our defenders will surround the experienced Marlon Maxius, who could prove a vital cog to winning.”
He said “These players have given us the impetus to win and we will be looking forward to this final clash to showcase our emerging team.”

(By Joe Chapman)

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