TALES FROM WAY BACK WHEN: (A look at some of the stories that made the news “back in the days” with Clifford Stanley.
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NOT SINCE 1925-26
The mighty roar of the famed Kaieteur has been reduced to a murmur by the prolonged drought .
Normally water cascades  over the whole tip of the escarpment; but now it is down to a trickle. Old-timers in the interior say that the volume of water going over the falls is the lowest since the drought of 1925-26.(Guiana Graphic May 10th 1961).
Mr. Howard Rochlin, a special representative of Paramount Pictures, is visiting B.G. to prepare the extensive advance publicity and advertising campaign for Alfred Hitchcock’s  suspense shocker: “Psycho”
The super-secret suspense  film based on an inner sanctum mystery novel, stars Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, John Gavin and Janet Leigh and will be opening at the Globe cinema on May 25th. (Guiana Graphic May 17th 1961).
The inter-mixture of the people in B.G. will soon create a new man.
And this man, according to Venezuelan scientists  Dr. Miguel  Layrisse and Dr. Johannes Wilbert, will be more adaptable to this country.
Dr. Layrisse, a research Officer of the Venezuelan Institute  of Research and Dr. Wilbert, Director of Anthropology, La Salle Foundation, Caracas, are studying the blood groups of the Amerindian population in B. G.
They are continuing work started in 1955, after they had discovered in Venezuela   a new blood group: “antigen”, found exclusively in Amerindians and Asiatic Mongoloids.
Dr. Wilbert said from their study in B.G. by taking blood tests of Amerindians  they might find out how big a difference there is between Guianese Amerindians and other Amerindians in South American countries.
From their genetic studies, Dr. Layrisse added, it has been proved that no race is more intelligent  than another .
The scientists will leave today for the interior to carry out blood tests of the various Amerindian tribes. (Guiana Graphic May 18th 1961).
Dr. M.W.A.Qurashi, the Pakistani Missionary of the Ahamadiyat Movement in B.G, declared open a $10,000 Muslim mosque at No. 3 Village West Coast Berbice recently.
In his address, Dr. Qurashi made it clear that the Mosque was open to free worship by both males and females and it would be a source of inspiration to all the people of B.G.
Mr. Sultan A.H.Khan, village overseer of Eastern Mahaicony, presided.
Meanwhile, representatives of the Muslim community met on Sunday at Kildonan Mosque to discuss plans for the establishment of a $50,000 Muslim Cultural Centre.(Guiana Graphic April 12th 1961).
The following  departments of the Guiana Graphic are now situated at 10/12 Bel Air Park Georgetown (Telephone number 2836) :
* Accounts Department (including cashier)
* Advertising.
* Production.
* Management.
* Editorial.
Agents may still obtain supplies of newspapers from our previous office at North Street.(April 7th 1961).
The Berbice Bush Rum Squad held a mother and daughter during a raid at Tain Settlement , Canje on Wednesday afternoon.
The party found four gallon bottles with what is believed to be bush rum, buried in the earth under a fowl pen.
Other bottles, rum-suspects,  were dug up from land on which cassava was planted.
The successful raid followed a quarrel between two factions in the district.
Late last night the mother and daughter were charged with unlawful possession of spirits.(Guiana Graphic June 2nd, 1961).
A strip of four B.G dull red, one cent stamps of 1885, reached the highest figure of 1600 Pounds Sterling( W.I. $7,680) at a philatelic sale Tuesday.
Outstanding realizations of the sale of issues  on letter sheets, and wrappers included one hundred and fifty five pounds sterling( W.I.$744) for a fine example of a Barbados 1852-55 two penny , grayish slate believed to be unique,  on a cover.
A similar stamp (bisected  for use as a 2-one penny stamps ) was sold for one hundred and thirty pounds sterling (W.I $624).
Recent sales of classic Commonwealth and foreign issues  means that that the stamp market in London is as buoyant as ever and new records are common place.(Guiana Graphic June 3rd 1961).
A tattooing craze is sweeping the country and women particularly are going in for it in a big way.
They want hearts and flowers tattooed on their legs and arms; sometimes the initials of their boyfriends, or snakes butterflies and eagles.
“You’d be surprised at the odd and sometimes shocking requests that I get ,” declared Maurice Fenty ,who has tattooed men and women and received from between $1 and $15 for his pains.
Fenty, the pugilist, who  uses a Zeiss tattooing machine , has tattooed dancing girls on the arms of men.
He has tattooed crucifixes for the  religious and odd figures of men for the lovesick.
But sometimes he draws the line.
Lewd tattoos are out, he says, and he bluntly refuses to tattoo nudes and semi-nudes for teenagers.
Why this tattoo craze?
Some do it for love.
Some do it for fun and some do it just because others are doing it, he says.
Fenty doesn’t bother about the reason why . He and other tattoo artists around town are cashing in on the boom.
He walks around with his suitcase ready for work.
Soon , he says, he hopes to open a salon.
Nice work, if you can get it. (Guiana Graphic June 18th 1961).
LINA-DINA is a cool quiet spot in the heart of the Water Street bustle, owned and managed jointly by well-known city businessman Vernon Sandiford and Denis Whitehead .
It’s a safe place to enjoy a cup of coffee or a cool glass of beer at any time of the day and the grill is becoming increasingly popular for its food, always served hot and freshly cooked. The setting is modern: comfortable straw chairs and arborite-top tables, all on wrought iron supports, complete the large dining room.
A curving bar dominates one end and a well stacked juke box invites you to start the music.(Guiana Graphic April 7th 1961). (END).
Clifford Stanley can be reached on any of the above at cliffantony@gmail.com or Cell Phone # 657-2043.

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