M&CC 2010 Budget being made public tomorrow
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After extensive consultations…
THE $3.5 billion budget, approved by the Mayor & City Council (M&CC) of Georgetown, will be made public tomorrow, Town Clerk Yonnette Pluck said Monday.
Last Friday, Deputy Mayor Robert Williams had said the information submitted by all Heads of Departments was helpful in presenting realistic and programmatic budgetary proposals.

He said, this year, emphasis will be placed on ensuring transparency and accountability, as well as improving the Building Inspectorate Division to monitor breaches.
According to Mr. Williams, attention will also be paid to delinquent property owners who owe outstanding revenue.
He said other areas of focus are drainage and irrigation (D&I), solid waste management, roads, Le Repentir Cemetery and enforcement.
Williams credited Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the affairs of the Georgetown Municipality, Mr. Keith Burrowes with “contributing tremendously” towards the compilation of the budget.
Previously, M&CC Public Relations Officer, Mr. Royston King had told this newspaper that the delay, by the Council, in announcing the 2010 Budget was due to its determination to be meticulous with the information being presented and make it “results oriented.”
He, too, said Burrowes was providing City Hall with a lot of assistance and was concerned that the budget does not follow the trend of the previous years.
King said Councillors met numerous times with the Implementation Committee (IC), which Burrowes also heads and, therefore, what will be publicised would not be a “patchwork” but a quality document to serve as a management tool for the municipality.
He said, because Heads of Departments must be able to account for the way in which they utilise the resources they are demanding, several meetings be held with the IC for them to justify those demands.
King said the Council is “extremely grateful” for the help given it by the IC and pointed out that City Hall officers have been asked, by the Finance Committee, to review some of the figures that were originally submitted.
The Council’s Budget will focus strictly on the delivery of services and not on departments, Burrowes said when he met the Heads at Duke Lodge, Kingston, recently, in the consultations before the submission of estimates to the Finance Committee and the Council, respectively.

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