Madam Ambassador we know ‘Guyana is not Venezuela,’ hence we are rejecting any form of outside interference


Dear Editor,
I write to respond to what appear more of a Campaign speech than a diplomatic release by the United States Ambassador to Guyana.

As I read this piece of mischief, I feel it for my country more than anything else- editor, I submit this simple question, what have we become as a nation?

The Ambassador ended her piece of writing by stating that the United States Government has no interest in who wins Guyana’s elections. I must have missed something. The local diplomatic community, in particular, the United States Ambassador took a position as of March 03, the day after our elections- I don’t need to repeat that here. Then we saw a barrage of ‘tweets’ coming from several U.S officials, those who hold high offices and the bottom feeders alike.

What the gentle lady failed to mention in her writing is that the task of diplomacy is to follow, promote and maintain international relations, to eliminate and settle misunderstandings and problems which have arisen in relations between subjects and international law and international relations in general. What the U.S Ambassador and her colleagues have been doing here in Guyana since the conclusion of our elections is simply gas lighting- and as a people we will not accept that- not then, not now.

Editor, a few days after the elections, the Western Diplomats issued a statement claiming they have evidence of electoral fraud. We are yet to see those “Evidence”, but I will tell you what those evidence are- the bogus Statements of Polls (SOPs) given to them by the Opposition People’s Progressive Party. I am prepared to apologise publicly if they prove me wrong. The question remains- whose side are they on?

The U.S. Ambassador did not mention why she was named as a contact person in Guyana for Mercury Public Affairs, the Company PPP hired to do it’s hit job, maybe, it was lapsus calami on her part. Madam, we read your threats and we are not afraid, but just in case you believe we are, in the event you awake from the slumber, and on your own behalf, I adjure you, in this delicate time in our country’s history, it is better for “outside forces” to stay calm and not throw a conniption.

Shawn A. Austin