Fisheries Dept. poised to help propel ‘agri’-sector

Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture, Hon. Valerie Adams-Yearwood

MINISTER within the Ministry of Agriculture, Hon. Valerie Adams-Yearwood, said the Ministry’s Fisheries Department is poised to propel the agricultural sector.
The minister’s comments followed four presentations on research in the fisheries department at the ministry’s boardroom on Tuesday. Minister Adams-Yearwood said the demonstrations were a first-time feature of Agriculture Month, noting that this signifies a sign of progress for the sector and that the ministry is on the right path to ensuring food safety and security.

“I am convinced that Guyana is well poised in the international arena not only in oil and gas but in fisheries, in the agriculture sector as well,” she said. The presentations included investigations into the application of integrated marine planning and management in CARICOM and the wider Caribbean Region; an overview on the rearing of Tambaqui in Guyana, highlighting its current status and challenges; potential of onshore seafood processing by-products in sustainable aqua-feed development in Guyana and a comparative assessment of two fishing methods; traps versus hook and line used in the marine sector of Guyana.

The minister observed that the presentations were filled with lots of useful information that will drive the fisheries sector. The minister encouraged the researchers not to let their research be underutilised. “I implore you to look at the challenges that you have identified in the various presentations and ensure that these challenges are addressed to guarantee the success of your research. I say that because I know many times, we have presentations, challenges are identified and that is the end of it,” the minister underscored. The theme for this year’s Agriculture Month is “Sustainable Agriculture for ensuring Food Safety in a Green Economy.” (DPI)