Jumo’s 592 Spot Nightclub to open tomorrow

The newly renovated 592 Spot Night Club.

By Michel Outridge

JUMO Primo is all set to open his newly- renovated 592 Spot NightClub at the corners of John and Norton Streets, Werk-en-Rust.

The opening is billed for tomorrow at 20h00, and will have several artistes such as Gully Ras, Diamond, Fusion, DJ Ace, Selector Carl and others on hand to entertain patrons.

A dress code is in effect; admission is absolutely free, and the place is very safe to be, with security present at all times. The Club’s ‘no firearms allowed’ policy still stands.

According to Primo, better known as “Rubber Waist”, the spot formerly hosted ‘Reddi-Reddi’ which was held every Wednesday before the White Castle Fish Shop night on Thursdays when it was located in Alberttown, back then.

The 592 Spot Night Club is spacious with a VIP section, accommodates a larger bar and to top it off it has the best prices in town as it regards to drinks and cutters.

Primo said he is also aiming to have live entertainment with skits and comedy to be added and it is also a ‘no smoking’ zone so non-smokers are welcomed and it is simply the best place to be.

He related that on every day of the week and weekends there will be activities at the 592 Spot Night Club such as “Reddi” “Reddi” Wednesdays, Banks Thursdays, Guinness Fridays, Club night on Saturdays with ladies free all night and Marvellous Sundays.

The artiste stated that the bar has a different concept punctuated with good vibes and entertainment as well disc jockeys (DJs) from all over Guyana will be there to play every 10 minutes.

As the business mature, Primo told the Buzz Magazine he will add a bar outside to accommodate patrons with six beers for $1000 every Monday and Tuesday.

With the opening of Guyana Carnival on May 17, 2019, Primo’s bar opening is geared to attract customers be it both local and foreign, who may be visiting Guyana for the 10-day activities in which local and overseas artistes will take to the stage for three shows and other road carnival events.

Primo told the Buzz Magazine that he will be performing for the Wet Wednesday shows on May 22 and May 26 and will also be present for the road carnival events such as the J’ouvert on May 26, 2019; Stink and Dutty on May 25, 2019 and Soca Rave on May 26, 2019.