Essequibo Coast farmer succumbs to snake bite


A farmer from Queenstown village on the Essequibo Coast has succumbed to a snake bite.

Dead is Leslie Valentine Seymour age 50.

Reports are that the man was farming last Friday at a farm in the Baramani area in the North West District when he was bitten by the snake.

According to the man’s wife Dianne Henry, around 10:00hrs last Friday, her husband was bitten on his thumb and his index finger by a labaria snake, measuring approximately 3 feet in length.

She said after her husband was bitten, she immediately put him in a canoe and paddled for some  40 miles to seek medical attention at Moruca. By the time the couple reached the Kumaka Regional Hospital for treatment, her husband was unconscious.

Henry said when she arrived at Kumaka, the hospital’s doctors were unable to treat her husband’s wounds.

The man was transferred to the Oscar Joseph District Hospital at Charity on the Essequibo Coast. He was subsequently taken to the Suddie Public Hospital where he later died while receiving medical attention.(Indrawattie Natram)