Stalker kills mother of five

Dead: Nadina Kalamadeen

NADINA Kalamadeen, 34, of North Sophia was on Wednesday evening killed by a man who exhibited signs of obsession with her.

The mother of five was reportedly stabbed multiple times about the body by her attacker. That incident, which occurred at North Sophia, was witnessed by her two young children.
Guyana Chronicle was told that the man had been trying to get the woman’s attention for some time now but on each occasion, he received the ‘cold shoulder’.

On Wednesday, he showed up at Kalamadeen’s home, calling for her but she was sleeping, and a relative refused to wake her up.
The man subsequently returned to her home and managed to get the woman out of the house and they were seen walking on the road together.

Kalamadeen was walking in front while the man, whose call name was given as “Goodie man” was walking at the back. He was seen inflicting stab wounds to the woman’s back as she walked.

The woman is survived by her five children and other relatives and friends. The Guyana Chronicle was told that the suspect, after committing the act, attempted to flee the scene but was captured by a resident on a pedal cycle.

He was handed over to the police and was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital for medical attention. Kalamadeen, who was rushed to the same hospital, was pronounced dead on arrival.
Police have launched an investigation into the matter.