Nandlall’s disgraceful comments


Dear Editor
I FIND it absolutely appalling and disgusting that PPP frontbencher and presidential hopeful, Anil Nandalall would seek to label Guyanese citizens as parasites.
This nasty description was given during an interview regarding the discussion on how best to use the oil revenue to help Guyanese. This discussion is still ongoing, and there have been many options presented.

Mr. Editor, I am sure we can recall when Anil Nandlall used more than $6M of taxpayer funds for a private medical procedure. We can also recall when former Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Pauline Sukhai used more than $2M of taxpayers’ funds to fix her teeth. Last but certainly not least, we remember the infamous “fly out for belly wuk” incident where the former president and now opposition leader flew out of the country on a jet because of belly pains, all using taxpayer funds.

Mr. Editor, the people of this country have punished and suffered tremendously under the former PPP administration, through their weak fiscal policies and in some cases through the direct targetting of communities.

It is utterly disgraceful that in the middle of a conversation to determine how best to use our new-found wealth to benefit the average Guyanese that a presidential hopeful, and someone who has clearly enjoyed the “high life” while in government would now seek to apply such a label to the average Guyanese. I am publicly calling on Mr. Anil Nandlall to offer the people of Guyana an unreserved apology for this ridiculous statement.

Earl Hamilton