Gov’t rescues Reggae Boyz coaching crisis, Whitmore back in the fold

Theodore Whitmore

FORMER Reggae Boy, Theodore Whitmore, is once again, head coach of the team he represented at the 1998 World Cup after an intervention from the Government of Jamaica and the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF).

Whitmore had shocked the JFF and the public by resigning with immediate effect on account of what he called disrespect and disregard.
Following the resignation, the JFF president Michael Ricketts made public a salary offer that was on the table for Whitmore, who had also been hurt by a protracted contract negotiation period and uncertainty about whether or not he was really wanted as the man to lead the Reggae Boyz.

According to a release from the Ministry of Sport and its head, Olivia Babsy Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, a meeting with the three parties led to the withdrawal of Whitmore’s resignation.

In addition, Whitmore has agreed to an offer of US$6 000 per month plus perks.
“I am very pleased with what transpired at today’s meeting between myself, the JFF and the minister. Recently I tendered my resignation and I must tell the public that I am here to withdraw it based on what transpired in today’s meeting,” said Whitmore, in his first public utterance since his resignation.

Grange said the meeting, at which she played quasi-mediator, produced what she hoped was a better relationship between the parties.
“I am confident going forward that coach Whitmore and the JFF will have a much stronger and better relationship,” said Grange.

The JFF president was equally confident that the nation’s football had been put on solid footing after the parties got themselves on the same page.
“We amicably would have settled whatever issues there are. I think we are ready to move on in the interest of football and certainly in the interest of developing the sport,” said Ricketts.

“I am looking forward to getting back to doing what I love and that is coaching and making sure that the nation’s football is priority and we move forward with myself and the federation and the ministry to make it a success,” said Whitmore. (Sportsmax)