What’s buzzing


It’s getting close to the carnival season and everyone is gearing up. Events will be taking place to boost you up. So instead of being cooped at home, get out there and let your mind be free!.

The Vintage Wine Bar, Restaurant and lounge presents Latin Night. Get two Desperados Tequila Beers for $1,000

Jamaican after-work lime is still on at the Tower Suites Pool& Bar! Enjoy bucket specials on Red Stripe Beer and Dragon Stout and great deals on Jamaican cuisine.

For an after work hang with friends, you can head down to Cheto’s Hot Spot &Pool Bar where you get to enjoy five Banks Beers for $1,000. Enjoy games such as pool, dominoes and darts and also enjoy a wide variety of cutters, fish, chicken and wild meat and DJ mixes all night.


Let’s celebrate life this year with DJ Shizzle for his birthday party themed ‘Year For Love’ at 704 Lounge. Music by the Boom FM DJs : Gully Ras, Diamond, DJ Energy, Seen Up, Selector Carl, Selector Biggs, DJ Akelo and Selector Big Papa.
Shizzwall is spreading love with everyone through free shizzle shots, makeup bags, shopping vouchers, perfumes, Guyana Carnival costumes and drink specials all night.
Sponsored by Stag Beer, That Look Boutique, Chand’s Printing Services, Elite Fragrances, HJ 94#1 Boom, Smirnoff Ice, HJTV & Guyana Carnival

Pulse Carnival band launch is here! The global celebration is about to hit Guyana. Are you ready?! Pulse Entertainment is, and they’re taking you along for the ride with great concept events and a heart pumping party through the streets of Georgetown.
Get a sneak peak of their comfy carnival wear and feel the energy as Pulse launches the Pulse Carnival Band at Palm Court.
The DJs, the trucks, the drinks and the pulse atmosphere. Come out and witness the display of our Carnival wear and party with DJ Ryan and DJ Anisah.
Admission $2,000 before 22:00 hrs. Girls free before 22:00 hrs.

It’s the party called “Ben it and knock it again” at the Tarmac Ground, East Bank Demerara . All sexy ladies come out in your numbers. There will also be a dancing competition . Prizes will be given away!

The West Side is the best side. Lady Pinky presents “ Hot Gal”. Bbarbeque will be on sale and lots of beverages as well. Music by popular DJS. This is a dance you don’t want to miss!

After a hang out on the seawall you can had down to one of the most popular night clubs: Blue Iguana where entertainment is at its best. Music by popular DJ Magnum.

For a thrilling and enjoyable night you can head down to City Vibes Night club. There is always music to keep you on your feet all night.