Albion family loses home in mid-morning fire

The aftermath of the fire that destroyed the house

A pregnant woman along with her five children and husband are now homeless after fire of unknown origin ravaged their home at High Reef, Albion, Berbice on Tuesday morning.

At approximately 10:00hrs Sheeneiza Willie, 27 said she was on the Kilcoy Public Road when someone informed her that her rented home was ablaze. “I was by my landlord , when a boy came and called out saying the house is on fire , so I just get up and run out to the house but when I reach the house was already blazing I couldn’t get in,” the woman said.

Willie, who is an Assistant Teacher at the Community Based Rehabilitation Centre in Port Mourant, has been renting the house for the last six months. She lived there with her husband, Damion Simon, a hire care driver, and their five children whose age range from 2-11 years.

The woman, who is heavily pregnant, told the Guyana Chronicle that she has nowhere to go and is unsure of their next move. At the time her children were still in school and were unaware the place they once called home is no more. She is pleading with the general public for assistance as she lost everything from electrical appliances, furniture, clothing and food items, together with all her newborn baby clothing and supplies she bought over the last few months. The woman is expected to give birth any day soon.

“Just recently I bought a computer for my son to do his school and homework…all that too burn up… everything we own gone,” she sobbed. Despite a prompt response by a fire tender from Albion Estate, the building was gutted within minutes.

The owner of the house, Somattie Mohamed, estimated her loses in the region of $8M and the woman believes the fire may have been the work of an arsonist. She said she was offered the said amount two weeks ago for the property but because the Wille’s family has nowhere else to go she declined the offer until they were better off on their feet. Persons desirous of assisting the affected family can contact them on 672-5363/613-8434