Inmate busted trying to smuggle narcotics into Timehri prison

The illegal narcotics the prisoner was trying to smuggle into the Timehri prison compound.

A prisoner was on Saturday apprehended as he attempted to smuggle narcotics  into the Timehri Prison.

Superintendent Mahendra Singh and ranks of the Timehri Police Station made the bust.The prisoner was identified as 36-year old Ramanand Latchman.

According to reports, the inmate who was working in the prison garden ,was seen behaving in a suspicious manner and when confronted by authorities it was discovered that he had the narcotic in his possession.

Meanwhile, on Saturday a team of policemen from the Timehri Police Station acting on intelligence ,arrested two 16 -year -old boys and a 21 year old man of Hyde Park Timehri with 1500 grammes of cannabis stuffed in a haversack.
The men were busted in Cemetery Road Hyde Park Timehri. They are expected to be changed soon.