Fans defend Shabba Ranks –after magazine snub

Shabba Ranks

FANS of legendary dancehall artiste, Shabba Ranks recently took to social media to voice their grouse after ‘British GQ’ magazine’s claim that English singer Harry Styles recently made ‘wearing multiple rings’ a trend.

The magazine made the statement on Twitter, and got strong backlash from fans who felt that Shabba Ranks was being discredited for his influence on urban popular culture.

“Thanks to Harry Styles, wearing multiple rings is now a thing,” the publication tweeted.

However, some fans claim that Shabba was wearing multiple rings from the 80s.

“He’s a true icon. There are quite a few cultural developments that can be linked to Shabba. Even baggy jeans; and now even that is back in style,” one person tweeted.

Another wrote: “Bwoy, farin people love tief we style and own it #appropriation. @britishgq you guys are disrespectful. How could you give Harry that type of accolade?”

Veteran dancehall artiste Johnny P told THE STAR that the wearing of multiple rings was made popular by dancehall artistes as a whole.

Said he: “A long time foreigners love the rings dancehall artistes used to wear. From back then, Shabba used to wear nuff rings, but him never have jewellery like me; I was the jewel store. Only Little John had an anchor chain bigger… my fingers were filled with rings,” he said. “Shabba must be credited for the baggy pants, though, because he made that the talk of the town, and Ninja Man called it the ‘doo doo pants’.
“A lot of youth began to wear it, so it became popular at the time. But for dressing, Pinchers was the man everybody really looked to; he was like the Jamaican Michael Jackson.”