‘Lord Canary’ passes on

Malcolm Corrica, aka ‘Lord Canary’

POPULAR Calypso singer Malcolm Corrica, called ‘Lord Canary’, died on Monday at the Diamond Diagnostic Hospital, EBD, where he had been hospitalised after suffering a stroke.Family members confirmed that Corrica died on Monday afternoon while undergoing treatment. He had been suffering from diabetes, and had one of his legs amputated some years ago.

Corrica once served as Minister of Culture, and was also a Member of Parliament in the Forbes Burnham Administration.

In his book ‘The Lord Canary’, it was written that as a member of the second Parliament — 1969-1973 –- Corrica, a former member of the People’s National Congress Youth Organisation, forerunner of the YSM, was assigned various projects under the aegis of the Ministry of Works. One of his proudest achievements was overseeing the completion of the Bel-Lu Clay Brick Factory on the West Bank of Demerara. This was Prime Minister Burnham’s trademark local project, and it was a virtual pioneering brand.