Inclement weather forces postponement of GFF’s Stag Elite league


THE current weather conditions have caused the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) to postpone all matches in its Stag Elite League until further notice.According to a release, the GFF was forced to postpone matches 45 to 48 due to the heavy rainfall that has been ongoing for the past two weeks or so.
The release added that these matches will be played at a more convenient time.
The scheduled matches would have seen match-ups between Alpha United and the Guyana Defence Force and Slingerz versus Fruta Conquerors on Friday, while today, Buxton United was down to face Monedderlust and Pele would have met the Georgetown Football Club.
After 11 rounds of matches, Slingerz are unbeaten and currently head the points table with 31 points from 10 victories and one draw. They have so far scored 27 goals and conceded six.
Fruta Conquerors are second in the standing with nine victories, one loss and one draw and have scored 29 goals, while conceding 13 for 28 points.
Alpha United is third with 21 points from six victories, two losses and three drawn games. To date, they have scored 27 goals and conceded 10.
Pele is fourth with 16 points from five wins, five losses and one draw. They have scored 13 goals and conceded 14.
GDF, Buxton United, Monedderlust and GFC are fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth in the points standing with 14, eight, six and points respectively.