Giving Guyanese a voice –via 6Vibes Radio

Jermine Hodge, founder of 6Vibes Radio

WHEN 23-year-old New-York-based Guyanese Jermine Hodge decided to enter the world of entertainment, it was with the goal of not only giving up-and-coming DJs and musicians the opportunity to be heard in the already competitive music industry, but to also add to the busy airwaves a Caribbean sound, with a focus on Guyanese talent as well.Together with his long-time business partner, Kareem King Thomas, the two young entrepreneurs launched ‘6Vibes Radio’, an Online radio station, music streaming website and entertainment

 Kareem King Thomas, co-founder of 6Vibes Radio
Kareem King Thomas, co-founder of 6Vibes Radio

group. Speaking with the Buzz, Jermine, who is also a full-time college student majoring in Computer Information Systems, said that the name ‘6Vibes’ represents the six races of his native Guyana, and stands as a platform through which Guyanese and other Caribbean artistes can get exposure.
Since its launch last month, Jermine said that the station has received much attention via social media. “The various live programmes have been able to captivate an audience of people from all age groups around the Caribbean.

“So far, young business owners, DJs and entertainers in Guyana and the United States have been dominating the airwaves after becoming broadcasters with ‘6Vibes Radio’,” Jermine said.
Apart from promoting music, hosts cover a variety of topics surrounding the environment, relationship issues, fashion, music, celebrity gossip and other areas of public interest. “6Vibes has a lot in store for its audience,” Jermine said.
“We will be working with various local and foreign artistes, in terms of promotion and management, covering outdoor events and streaming it live to our website. 6Vibes will also host events at popular nightclubs.”
So far, while there are shows being hosted by Guyanese, Jermine admitted that there is not yet much Guyanese music being played. “I reached out to a number of Guyanese artistes before the radio station and website were launched, since my plan was to debut the website with strictly Guyanese music,” Jermine said. “However, only a few were responsive with providing their music. Some of them said they couldn’t find their music, and that I should look on different platforms to have it downloaded.

“I believe Guyanese artistes should be more organised with their music, and be prepared for when opportunities like these come by.”
His words come at a time when local artistes continue to complain that they are not receiving much exposure for their music, and are not being taken seriously in the music industry.
But Jermine said that he is interested in assisting in whatever way he can, using his resources and other influences.

 In the studio during the airing of ‘Spill the Tea’
In the studio during the airing of ‘Spill the Tea’

Jermine is aware that as a young entrepreneur with high aspirations, he stands in a place of influence for other young people. “It gives me the opportunity, at an early stage in my life, to focus exactly on what I love doing; I can develop my skills and knowledge in the area and create job opportunities for peers around me with similar interests, and I can also provide strength to small businesses.
“The message I would like to give to young people aspiring to have their own creative businesses is to go for it; follow your dreams and never give up,” Jermine said.
He added that in a world where social media and all other attractions seek to entertain today’s youth, radio broadcast still plays a significant role, as it helps to prepare them for public speaking, develop creative minds and encourages networking.
Currently, shows being hosted on 6Vibes Radio by Guyanese include “Soca Fuh So”, which features Soca music within the Caribbean, and is hosted by Dason Anthony of 592 Dresses; “Slam Dunk Music Hour” which is hosted by Mix Master Tony; and “Vibes Wednesday”, hosted by Kareem King Thomas.
Other shows include “Spill the Tea”, hosted by Freedom Boss and DJ Ron from the Freedom Family Entertainment in Brooklyn.
Those interested in listening to 6Vibes Radio, can do so Online at, or by downloading the 6Vibes Radio app from the app store.