What are the duties of parents towards their children, and vice versa?


PARENTS must provide for the material and spiritual welfare of their children. They must love their children in a responsible manner and provide for their healthy growth. They must inspire their children by their own exemplary life and must never neglect to correct their faults. Parents are responsible to provide the necessary food, clothing, shelter and medical care insofar as they are able.

They are equally responsible for providing sound education and a sound knowledge of their religion as well as moral training of their children. Parents must keep their children in healthy environments and rear them to be useful, self –supporting, loyal citizens, and informed, practical members of society.

According to the pages of the Hindu spiritual text, The Ramayan, children must love their parents and must never do anything that will hurt their feelings. They must respect them , pay them due reverence and honour, speak and act with proper deference, accept their corrections readily, consult them and seek their advice regarding important decisions. Children must be grateful to their parents, try to please and help them, and support them in need. They must be kind ,obedient and truthful to them and must greet them by bowing to them with clasped hands, and by touching their feet with humility, saying: “Namastay,” “Pranaam” or “Seeta Ram,” according to their preference and inclination.

The writings of Gowswami Tulsidasji says, “Sanu jaanaie soyi sutubaar bhaagee, jo pitu maatu bachan anuraagee.”

That child is blessed who is devoted to his parent’s words. A child who gratifies his parents is rare. Blessed is that birth whose parents rejoice on hearing of his good deeds. Such a child is a gem of Dharma – piousness.

Priest in Charge of Patentia Hindu Mandir

(Shri Satya Narayna Mandir)