Education ministry mulls over moving national sports from November to March – to create balance of athletic activities within school system


CHIEF  Education Officer  Olato Sam has said that the education ministry is considering the possibility of moving national sports from November to March in an effort to create a balance of athletic activities within the school system.

Speaking to the media during a recent interview, he said that they have had discussions with the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) but they have not yet arrived at a final decision. They are now waiting for the union to come forward in order for them to have a meeting of  minds to  put this new arrangement into effect.
According to Sam, the reason behind considering  moving  the national sports from November to March , which sees representatives from the various regions competing against each other in a range of sporting events, is to provide an opportunity for students to participate in athletics all year round.

“Our position was that we wanted to cut down on the inordinate amount of time that students are out of school in this first term and balance it so that it is not a one term kind of total undertaking,” he explained.


Sam pointed out that all of the athletic activities at present are held in the first term of the academic year, and they want to ensure that students have the opportunity to participate in athletics year-round to provide a buildup towards going to represent the country in the Caribbean championships.
He added that they want to make sure that they provide opportunities for students in every region of the country to participate in athletics and this approach in moving national sports to March seems to provide more balance.