Rohee commended for taking the fight to terrorists


I REFER to the article captioned “Happy Lethem bandits have been arrested” written by Anthony Gilkes, Guyana Chronicle dated Sunday, January 27, 2013.
I hope those in authority read this gentleman’s letter and especially our President and Home Affairs Minister Mr. Rohee and our Commissioner of Police.

This is what many Guyanese have been complaining about for too many years

and some citizens even say they are more afraid of some police officers than they are of bandits.
Mr. Gilkes said reliable information is that the bandits were staying at the Cacique Guest House located in a slum at Lethem. This guest house must be regularly checked by the Lethem police.

The cutting implements used by the bandits in carrying out their robbery were found by the police at the residence of a known person who is called “Rasta”, but his name is “Marlon.” “Rasta” was taken into police custody but was released, which was shocking to the residents of Lethem.
It is alleged that the police and “Rasta” are close associates and that they are even on his “payroll”. “Rasta” needs to be constantly monitored by the police.
Imagine how fed up this citizen must be as to go as far as  providing names and to call for all Lethem police officers to be removed, thereby staking his own life on the line against these terrorists.
It is most heartening to know that the government is trying to do the best with what they have to make life a bit easier for its citizens, but very sad when terrorists just come in and take all you work for and in some cases take your life.
If the punishment does not fit the crime then I, like many Guyanese feel sad and helpless that we are at the mercy of terrorists which includes some terrorist police officers.
The new airport suitcase scanner we read about that was installed at our airport is marvellous to catch crooks and cheats. That scanner will only be as good as those who man those scanners.
As I said, I am no security expert, but will say again to those in authority; those who work at our airport must be shifted around on a daily basis and their cell phones must be lodged some place safe while on duty in order to try stopping the drugs moving out of Guyana.
Police officers around the country must be monitored at all times to see if they are dealing with those who have them on their payrolls.
Why certain people are allowed to disturb the peace of other citizens with their loud booming music within earshot of the police?
I, for one for sure thought tinted windows were outlawed because of nefarious activities that would go on behind tinted window vehicles, but I see so many out there and it would appear as if the police officers on the beat know who are the owners of these vehicles so they turn a blind eye.
I would also like to thank Mr. Rohee for taking the fight to terrorists and regardless of what the PNC opposition has to say.
This is why the PNC never worked with government on security issues and will never do so and this is the reason they are chomping at the bit to get Mr. Rohee’s head.
The PNC long before now knew that Mr. Rohee would have been  seeking international help in crime- fighting which had to be based on inside information with those working on the inside for the PNC.
It will be up to Mr. Rohee and government to find that PNC inside mold and get rid of it.