Miners forced to pay toll to protesters – getting passage through Kara Kara back road


– Guyana’s developmental trajectory threatened by actions of joint opposition
ONE of the reasons that the Linden protest is continuing, with no sign of abatement in the near future, is because the fringe elements of that community are exploiting the situation in various ways to enrich themselves.
This is the traditional way of the opposition cabal to reward its supporters for creating mayhem in the country so that they could push their agenda of destabilization of the country in attempts to wrest power through the backdoor; and they always target victims in their support bases: Wismar, Georgetown, Buxton, and now Linden, and every time they have finished rampaging in the streets, many persons and businesses emerge much poorer, or totally destroyed, while the opposition supporters enjoy their spoils from their looting and vandalizing sprees.
Afro-Guyanese supporters of the PPP and Indo-Guyanese are existing under virtual siege in Linden, forced to come out to be seen with the protesters and give their cash and resources to keep the protesters on the streets; and they are penalized in other ways.
Blocking the roadways and entry and exit points to and from Linden is also serving a dual purpose. Apart from blackmailing the government to continue to provide free electricity to that region, sources on the ground, including miners and other persons who have been victims, are claiming that the protesters are also using the opportunity to exploit business persons who need access to hinterland communities by demanding a toll – which is said to be heavy, and miners especially are asked to pay excessively large sums for passage through the Kara Kara back road in Amelia’s Ward.
With this unlimited windfall, and free food and drinks supplied by businessmen forced to support the nefarious actions of the opposition for fear of their businesses being razed, it is party time for the protesters, whose demand for free electricity has expanded to include a demand for free food, free drinks, and free money earned through blackmailing people who need to work for their own income.
Linden was on the cusp of great things because the PPP administration, especially under the stewardship of former President Bharrat Jagdeo, had been gradually developing that region, with the current administration of President Ramotar programmed to continue and accelerate this development, which had been stymied for months as a result of the opposition budgetary, an now that the budget is no longer an issue the opposition has created another avenue for deflection of government’s developmental thrust in the region, specifically, and the country generally. By their actions Lindeners have derailed their own development and have regressed their own social development and economic growth by decades.
Even if the Guyana Government is prepared to take the road from Brazil through Linden after this it is unlikely Brazil will accede, because this episode has demonstrated what could happen to trade links that would be facilitated by that road linkage were Lindeners to use that vital artery in the manner it is doing to hinterland access ways today, which is causing great suffering to hinterland dwellers and much loss to entrepreneurs and miners.