GT Bluetooth


Even some men faking it
Bluetoothers know good about faking. Not only de most popular one in which a certain gender does always be accused of. It gat plenty other fake things like fake money and fake clothes.

Plenty around de world selling fake brand-name clothes and shoes. Plenty others wearing de same fake brand-name stuff and trying fuh pass off as P Diddy or Shah Rukh Khan or even Jay-lo or Lady Ga-Ga. It even gat fake food like fake fish and duck fuh vegetarians!

If yuh kno w yuh “stuff”, yuh would know what is fake and who is de fakers. GT Bluetoothers know dem stuff so it easy fuh dem to identify fakers. That is why dem gat doubts ‘bout a certain short-man who faking steady. When he fake, he wife get headache. Since he get into trouble, every time he gat to go to court, he get heart attack. Now heart attack is a serious thing and de Bluetoother ain’t wish it pun anybody. As a matter of fact, when de same short-man tek in de first time, everybody think it was fuh real.

People call he wife and sympathise both fuh de heart attack and she headache. But when he went to court he “bag” buss. He drop down and when dem carrying he to de ambulance, he skin open he eye fuh tek in de scene. De paper get de photograph wid he eye open. He faking get expose. Since then he “dropping” down whenever he gat to go to court.

Now he get lil smart. He “drop” down” couple days before he court day last week. He went to de hospital. He stay in de car while he wife went inside! She went fuh get a letter fuh he go outside fuh treatment. He court is this week!

Whenever he “drop” down, de same night he does be driving all over. Even in front de court. People want fuh know how come he don’t “drop” down when he driving in front de court! He get so popular fuh faking that when he buseing up de guvment, people want fuh know if is fake since he ain’t short o’ nothing. So if yuh see people touching he when he walking, know is not dem going “ga-ga” over he, dem just check fuh see if he real! Hmmm!