Mentore endorses Panday for GCB presidency


(Letter to the Sports Editor)
ITS with resounding enthusiasm that I am endorsing Mr Bishwa Panday, affectionately called Bish by many, for the presidency of the Guyana Cricket Board. In just a few years Bish has effectively changed the way cricket is administered in Georgetown. Since assuming the helm of the Georgetown Cricket Association, Bishxs leadership has resulted in greater accountability, transparency and a positive CHANGE in the development of the game we all love.

I have witnessed the culmination of his plans and policies which successfully led to increased competitions being played and new corporate sponsors. He has inspired many around him, players and executives alike to raise their level of commitment.

With the current world economic crisis, corporate sponsors are evaluating their commitment to sports. Guyana is no exception. Therefore at the level of the Guyana Cricket Board there will be a greater need for effective utilisation of resources. There will be a greater need for effective leadership. There will be a greater need for change, vision and a clear articulation of that vision. There will be need for Mr Bishwa Panday. Armed with his business savvy and corporate relationships, Bish is the type of president the GCB needs.

At the grassroots level Bish has been very active and visible. He often meets with players, coaches and parents of young cricketers all in an effort to develop cricket and the players. This is not meant to cast aspersions on the current president but it is time for new leadership. It is time for CHANGE.

I thank the current president for his 16 years of leadership. However, in looking to the future, a new president with a new vision is needed to lift the level of the sport higher. The new president should be an effective communicator, possess strong management skills and be able to liaise with regional and international counterparts in the interest of the GCB. It is my opinion that Bish meets and exceeds these requirements.

I strongly believe and others have confided in me as well, that under Bishwa Panday s presidency cricketers and fans alike can expect great things in the future. I therefore encourage those persons to join me in supporting Bish in his efforts.