The good and bad in a next Trump presidency

IT will be Biden versus Trump and Trump will win because I think the downward slope for Biden will get far more embarrassing as the months go on. A Trump president will do terrible things but will pursue policies that may positively alter international relations.

In relation to the terrible things; he will be inflexible in his quarrels with other counties. He will defund the United Nations. He will drastically curtail aid to countries that need it. He will use visa and trade sanction against nations he does not agree with. His presidency will assault the very foundations of liberalism of American society.

It is in the area of international relations that Trump will leave an everlasting legacy as president. Mr. Trump has a profound Brexit belief that runs deeply inside of him. Trump knows why Britain left the EU and he shares that Brexit sentiment at an emotional level.

The EU is 27 countries but the EU is Germany and France. The ideologues in the Conservative Party of the UK believed that a great country like the UK had lost its sovereignty not to the EU but to Germany and France.

It felt insulted that Britain should play second fiddle to Germany and France. So it left the EU. Interestingly, the Labour Party accepts this position but Labour chose to be silent on it.

Labour has gone further than the Conservatives with the belief that the EU Commission is a huge, uncontrollable, capitalist undertaking. This explains why as head of Labour, the dye in the wool, left-winger, Jeremy Corbin did not oppose Brexit. Both the right-wing and the left-wing in the Labour Party are against the UK being in the EU.

Trump believes that the EU has been using American might to perpetuate European hegemony in the world. The Republican Party accepts this Trump doctrine and even if Trump was not president, another Republican president would have adopted the same attitude towards Ukraine. When he was president, Trump said the EU was created to compete with the US. It is more complicated than that. In fact, the EU relation with the USA is a very complex situation that calls for profound analysis.

After Christianity conquered the Roman Empire and the empire became a Catholic project, Europeans accepted their racial, cultural and religious superiority over the world. The purpose of the Holy Roman Empire was to Christianize the world and to perpetuate European eugenics. One of the theories for the Nazi persecution of the Jews is that Nazi ideologues believed that the Jewish race was flippant about Christianity and thought they were a superior race to the Germanic people.

The first and second world wars removed European conquest of the world that began with the Holy Roman Empire. After World War II, the USA became the world’s only superpower, but for Europe, the American empire was a European civilisation nonetheless.

What the EU did after 1945 was to become the vicarious world conqueror through the hegemony of the US. The EU’s mission then is to remain true to what the Holy Roman Empire was. President Macron is the flag-bearer for this. The only difference is that the EU is maintaining their racial and religious quest through US physiology.

Trump and the Republican Party know this. It explains why Trump and the Republican Party will end the war in Ukraine if Trump wins. Trump and the Republican Party hold the position that the Ukraine war is an EU project. But the EU is Germany and France.

Germany seemingly wants a war with Russia and, when it happens, it will not be a NATO engagement but an American battle. Trump will have none of it. Despite the EU’s closeness to America, Republicans do not trust the German character. That was made plain in the memoir of Mrs. Margaret Thatcher. Once Germany is the dominant actor in the EU, Russia will be isolated.

The German hatred for Russia runs deep. It is ironic that the minister in Germany that wants a NATO confrontation with Russia over Ukraine is from the Green Party (the Foreign Minister)
How does this explain the frenetic Biden assistance to Ukraine at the moment? Herein lies the difference between the Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats are generally war prone and nurture the dream of American global control. It was Bill Clinton that extended NATO close to Russia’s border. Mrs. Clinton is the most pro-war politician in the American establishment.

It was a Republican president, (Trump) that took the decision to downsize American presence in Iraq and pull out of Afghanistan, a decision Obama refused to take. The current Republicans are introverted leaders who believe America is for America and the US should be concerned with the US only. This thought frightens Germany and France.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Guyana National Newspapers Limited.


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