Barriers that hinder development, unity will be destroyed
President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali addressing Mabaruma residents
President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali addressing Mabaruma residents

-President Ali tells Mabaruma residents

WITH a caring government that prioritises the people of Guyana and keeps its promises, President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, on Friday said that the PPP will continue to be victorious against the barriers that are stymying the country’s development.

Referencing the “smell and sight of victory,” he said the government wants all Guyanese to benefit from Guyana’s transformation.

“And this victory is not based on the event of an election. This victory is based on the commitment to you and the way in which the PPP has delivered to you what we promised…,” he told those gathered as a People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) public meeting at Mabaruma in Region One.

He told his audience that they should be proud to be a member of a party that is destroying barriers that aim to hinder national development and unity.

“We believe that all of us as Guyanese are equal and all of us must equally benefit from the transformation of the country,” he affirmed.

Furthermore, President Ali reflected on the number of advancements that his government has accomplished since returning to office and their countless efforts to bridge gaps and connect the regions in order to foster growth and development.

“Our investments are geared towards removing the gap, eliminating the gap within and between regions so that all our people can live a better standard of life and have a better quality of life,” he said while explaining that the administration is aggressively picking up the pace in enhancing the national and community infrastructure.

He said that these investments are already in place.
“So that in your communities, you can live a more productive life… a more comfortable life…a life in which your dreams and aspirations can be supported by a government that cares.”

The President confidently reassured the citizens that the PPP/C cares and will continue to stay true to its commitments.

“We saw an Opposition that tried every single day to stop these elections, to stop the evolution of democracy…” he related while adding that the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is ashamed to face the people of Guyana considering their past of neglect and lies.

Asserting that the Opposition is afraid of “licks,” at the upcoming LGE polls, President Ali boldly remarked that this is linked to their lack of moral and ethical authority especially considering their poor track record of “bad governance” and “false promises.”

Emphasising on the fact that LGEs are important because it connects central and regional government along with the townships, he told the residents that they should be mindful of the Opposition’s way of hindering development.

The President also disclosed that in the Opposition controlled Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs), he is “shut out” even though he approaches these areas with plans of transforming the community and maintaining the well-being of the citizens.

Underscoring the fact that the government is one that listens to the people, the President said that a vote means more to the PPP/C than just an X on a piece of paper.

He informed the residents that he realises that when they cast a ballot, they are putting their trust in the government.

Moreover, he also said that no longer is Guyana being left behind because the nation is leading the way in food security, energy security, climate change, among other important subjects, in the region.


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