ICT roadshow launched to improve students’ digital knowledge
Prime Minister, Brigadier (ret’d), Mark Phillips delivering his feature address
Prime Minister, Brigadier (ret’d), Mark Phillips delivering his feature address

HUNDREDS of secondary school students in forms four to six are expected to benefit from the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) roadshow, which was launched on Friday by the Office of the Prime Minister’s (OPM) Industry and Innovation Unit.

Under the theme, “Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Digital Innovators,” the initiative aims to bridge the digital gap and raise awareness among the younger population about the importance of ICT.

In delivering feature remarks at the launch which was held at Colgrain House, Camp Street, Prime Minister Brigadier (ret’d) Mark Phillips, said that the initiative is important as it will contribute to the educational upliftment of citizens.

“Guyana’s continued development will not be possible unless you have an educated population,” he said.

The PM used the opportunity to reassure citizens that the administration remains committed to ensuring that Guyana is not be left behind but is part of the digital future.

He added that purchasing devices to bridge the digital divide would be a futile effort for those lacking knowledge of ICT.

PM Phillips emphasised that bridging the gap would be difficult if there is a lack of knowledge. ICT is very important to every aspect of our lives, he added.

From left to right: Jennifer Persaud-Boodhoo, Outreach Officer at the OPM’s Industry and Innovation Unit; Prime Minister, Brigadier (ret’d), Mark Phillips; and Andre Griffith, Director of the Guyana Telecommunications Agency

Touching on the government’s target to introduce a one-card system, he affirmed that the initiative is just one of a number of measures the government wants to use to propel Guyana’s technological advancement.

Meanwhile, Andre Griffith, Director of the Guyana Telecommunications Agency, also praised the introduction of the initiative.

He stressed on the importance of young people understanding the significance of ICT as it relates to social and economic development.

Even though Griffith labelled the younger generation as “digital natives”, he said they still need to understand the “safe use” of ICT.
Moreover, Jennifer Persaud-Boodhoo, the Outreach Officer at the OPM’s Industry and Innovation Unit, in brief remarks, stated that she believes “a roadshow will give hard ice knowledge, dialogue and inspire our young people to develop and reinforce tools that can enhance Guyana’s technological frontier with professionals from both government and private sector agencies.”

She further explained that in order to educate youths about the various ICT programmes offered by the government, the roadshow will be hosting several key ICT agencies.

Notably, students from Regions Two to Six will be educated on ICT for seven days. This may serve as a means of inspiring them to pursue education and careers in fields related to technology, or at the very minimum help them to develop an understanding of the rapidly changing field that is having a significant impact on our society.



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