US$25M Mandela hotel, mall to feature over 60 stalls
The exterior of the massive Royal Orchid Mall and Hotel (Delano Williams photo)
The exterior of the massive Royal Orchid Mall and Hotel (Delano Williams photo)

–investor says multi-complex facility could be fully opened early next year

WITH works progressing on the US$25 million “Royal Orchid” Hotel and Mall on Mandela Avenue, investors expect to have more businesses opened before the end of the year even as they noted that the facility could possibly be opened fully by 2023.

A primary investor in the project, Jason Wang, told the Guyana Chronicle: “We are in progress… before the end of next year we can completely open.”
Interest in the local economy is at an all-time high, with investors, both foreign and local, looking to channel their resources into mega projects across the various economic sectors.

One of the businesses that are currently being completed in the Royal Orchid Mall and Hotel (Delano Williams photo)

And, while the idea to construct the Royal Orchid Hotel and Mall was birthed in 2007, its completion, though delayed due to minor setbacks, is expected to be timely and strategic because of the potential advancements expected in the coming years.

Work on this project started with the land preparation in 2014 and then moved to actual construction in 2016.
The hotel and mall is equipped to cater for every segment of the local population and foreigners, Wang said.

As it relates to the mall, two businesses have already opened their doors, Space Gym and Tian Tian Hot Pot restaurant, which on the fifth and fourth floors of the facility. Since the opening of the two businesses, there has been significant traffic to the facility.

Wang told the Guyana Chronicle that along with these two businesses, two more are expected to be opened before the end of 2022.
He added that over 90 businesses have shown interest in securing spots there, but that number would have to be narrowed down to just around 60 businesses.

Workers ongoing at the Royal Orchid Mall and Hotel, on Thursday (Delano Williams photo)

As it now, tests are ongoing for the central air conditioning and when this is completed, entire floors can be opened and businesses will be able to come in and begin doing their work in their respective spaces.
Regarding the hotel, Wang said this aspect of the facility will have some 240 rooms, ranging from Presidential suites to regular and standard rooms.

Giving an update on this part of the project, Wang said that the hotel rooms are almost complete, as they are almost finished with the installation of all toilets and ceiling work, among other things.
To this end, he said that a majority of the work on the front of the facility has been completed and the final touches including the installation of equipment are set to commence soon.

Aside from the rooms and stalls, the facility will feature a food court, movie theatres, a gaming section, a roof garden, a tennis court, and a pool.
The facility, upon completion, will create over 200 jobs, while the shops and other operations within the facility will create more direct and indirect opportunities.


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