Parents plead for assistance as son’s heart condition worsens
Nine-year-old Dilon Edwards
Nine-year-old Dilon Edwards

AS their nine-year-old son’s condition worsens, Roxanne Edwards and Albert Goudmijn are pleading for assistance in raising funds for a surgery that he needs urgently.

Little Dilon Edwards has an enlarged heart and a swollen lung. The child also has a hole in his heart which has exacerbated his condition.

His parents were recently informed that Dilon needs to undergo surgery by the end of this month because his condition is worsening and could even be fatal if left unaddressed.

According to his mother, her son’s condition is worsening as the days go by.

“He’s getting worse; every day he is in pain. He cries out a lot now in the nights, like 3 o’clock in the morning. He has shortness of breath; he has pains in his chest and pain in his belly,” the worried mother told this publication.

Dilon’s physical movement has been affected, since he suffers from shortness of breath; this leaves him dependent on an oxygen tank to breathe.

The sum of U.S.$11,000 (approximately GY$2.2 million) is needed to fund the surgery in New York or Holland. So far, the parents have received just over GY$900,000 from generous donors.

The lad is also unable to attend school due to his condition and, according to his mother, he has never lived the life of a normal boy, since most of his time was occupied with doctors and hospital visits.

While caring for her sick child, Roxanne and her partner also have to care for their other five children.

This, she related, has not been easy, especially since her youngest child is a two-year-old who requires a lot of attention.

The parents are calling on the Ministry of Health, non-governmental organisations and anyone who wishes to support them to make a donation towards saving their child’s life.

Anyone interested in assisting Dilon could contact his parents on 592-665-9614 or make a deposit into bank account number 219334156 at Citizen’s Bank.


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