‘Lil Canary,’ Vinel and ‘O.K.C’ take first wins in ‘Mash’ competitions
2022 Calypso Monarch Faith ‘Lil Canary’ Corrica, during the performance of her song, ‘Give Youths A Chance’ (Delano Williams photo)
2022 Calypso Monarch Faith ‘Lil Canary’ Corrica, during the performance of her song, ‘Give Youths A Chance’ (Delano Williams photo)

‘Lil Canary,’ real name Faith Corrica, successfully defended her Calypso Monarch crown on Friday night at the National Stadium, Providence, East Bank Demerara, with her song “Give Youths A Chance,” while Vinel Hinds picked up the Junior Calypso Monarch title and Osei Clarke, called ‘O.K.C,’ was the winner in the Junior Soca Monarch competition.

Entering in both the Junior Calypso and Soca competitions, Vinel also picked up third place in the Junior Soca competition, while Clarke placed second in the Junior Calypso competition.
Hinds took her win with her performance of ‘You Lie,’ which spoke to men taking advantage of unsuspecting women by lying to them.

In the adult Banks Calypso Competition, taking second place behind Corrica was Quincy ‘Ego’ Lacon, while Granny Ivelaw was third. In the Junior Calypso 2020 event, Omaiah Hall came third with ‘Sugar Daddy.’

In the Junior Soca Monarch event, second place went to former Junior Monarch, Relon Summer.

2022 Junior Calypso Monarch Vinel Hinds, during her performance of ‘You Lie’ (Delano Williams photo)

The three competitions were all held consecutively on Friday night, as action got underway in the first three of the five cultural song competitions that form part of Guyana’s Mashramani celebrations.

The night got off to its customary late start, two hours behind the scheduled start with Emcee for the evening, Malcolm Ferreira, apologising to the crowd. Things then immediately dived into the Junior Calypso competition, with the first performer being indigenous performer from Region One (Barima Waini), June Ann Hutson.

Hutson’s song ‘This Bush Girl Gat Sense,’ touched on the topical issue of stereotyping by Guyanese coastlanders of indigenous people from the interior regions. Giving a fitting opening to the night’s event, Hutson delivered a rousing performance and truly displayed her sense as she reminded the audience that Amerindians in Guyana are more than just a stereotype.

She was followed by the performance of Toranna Caesar, who also touched on a serious social issue in her song, ‘Teenage Pregnancy on the Rise.’ In customary style, many of the kaisos touched on hot- button topical issues, some funny, and others in need of serious advocacy and awareness.

Third performer of the night, ‘The Queen,’ real name Selena Fullington, sang about ‘Soap Opera Life,’ while Hall let it be known that bills and the rising cost of living was too much, and encouraged many young women to take up a ‘Sugar Daddy.’

2022 Junior Soca Monarch, ‘O.K.C’, real name Osei Clarke, during his performance (Delano Williams photo)

Vinel was the fifth act of the night, entering the stage decked out in a purple, plait school uniform skirt and tie ensemble, with matching two ponytail hairstyle, to deliver her number, ‘You Lie.’

Clarke was the final performer of the night in the Junior Calypso Competition, which was then immediately followed by the Junior Soca Competition and then the Adult Calypso Competition came next.

The winners of all three of the competitions were announced at the end of the Adult Calypso Competition; the event came to a close at approximate 02:00hrs on Saturday.

The Mashramani competitions continued on Saturday night with the Adult Soca Monarch Competition, where defending champion Samuel Medas was set to come in for a tough time, while the Chutney Monarch Competition is set for Sunday night.


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