‘The Veggies Shop’ in New Amsterdam
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Wayne Williams displaying his local coconut water on sale (Carl Croker photos)
Wayne Williams displaying his local coconut water on sale (Carl Croker photos)

Promting healthy eating

For veggies lovers or even regular people, who prefer a healthier food option, there is a wholesome, unprocessed, plant-based diet for you when in the ancient country, there is ‘The Veggie Shop’ which prepares whole foods.

Wayne Williams in his Veggies Shop

Wayne Williams, a religious man, owns and manages this business. He believes that “health is the right arm of the church” was motivated to open his own food shop at Pope and Main Streets, New Amsterdam, next door to the fast-food outlet, Demico.

Williams, a staunch Seventh Day Adventist, explained that he wanted to give people a healthier food option with a plant-based diet variety of foods and juices.

The Veggies Shop

He added that from his breakfast which is non-diary, whole wheat roti, bake, dhal puri, porridge and bush tea goes with home-made stews in the form of vegetables.

For lunch there is a wide range of stews to go with rice and greens plus curry channa and peas with local juice made with turmeric, ginger and passion fruit.

Williams disclosed that due to rising foods prices he was forced to raise the prices for his foods from July 1 this year but the response has been overwhelming and he is willing to do more in terms of healthier foods options.

He stated that they also make breads and pastries, all whole wheat and the restaurant which was designed by Williams has a very homey, cosy feel to it with adequate seating accommodation, lovely home-made lamps and wall pictures and other religious things that deck the walls of this place.

The restaurant is clean and well-kept with all COVID-19 protocols in place such as, wearing of a face mask, hand washing and social distancing.

Williams reported that a lot of people would visit including the health-conscious, the Rastafarians and folks who prefer the non-meats and non-dairy products.

“I would make our own coconut butter to cook, pimento cheese, virgin coconut oil, veggies chunks and we use only soy curds, and as a joiner, I make things for the shop, I got this place designed to my liking and brought it to this acceptable standard,” he said.

Wayne and Renalita Williams at W&R Health Mart

Williams said he went to the doctor once to enquire about his prostate and asked the health professional what it would take for him not to return and he was told he has to eat healthy, exercise and get lots of sunshine.

With that prospect in mind, Williams set out to establish a healthy food shop from scratch and today his small business has grown.

“Since I quit eating meats and only veggies I feel better inside, out and I also didn’t have the need to return to the doctor,” he said.

Williams added that that with a healthier diet he is a changed man and he would like others to experience the non-dairy, non-meats foods he has at his restaurant.

He stated that healthy eating prevents a lot of diseases and preserve life a bit longer and it also boosts the immune system and our lives revolves around our diet, lifestyles and worship.

The father of one reported that the shop is opened from 08:00hrs to 17:00hrs and he has three employees and they prepare all the foods and juices in-house where they have a small kitchen.

Meanwhile, his wife, Renalita Williams operates the W & R Health Mart at Cheddi Jagan Street, New Amsterdam.

The small business promotes healthy living through healthy eating and they have a variety of nuts such as almonds, roasted almonds, cashews, white nut, pecan, walnut, pistachio, hazelnut and mixed nuts.

W&R Health Mart has fruits and vegetables such as apples, grapes, strawberry, sweet tamarind, ice burg lettuce, Romain lettuce, pear, kiwi, broccoli, beets, and cauliflower.

They also have in stock seeds such as pumpkin, flax, white chia, sesame, and sunflower, milk in the form of roasted almond, hazelnut, almond breeze and soy.

Renalita Williams told the Pepperpot Magazine that she has smoothies and shakes, juices such as Welch’s grape, mango, pine, watermelon, pine, banana and coconut and carrot.

She reported that they have other items including pure honey, organic flour, eddoes flour, sweet potato flour, organic brown rice, soybeans, cayenne pepper, sea salt, pink Himalayan sea salt, extra virgin coconut oil and activated charcoal.

W & R Health Mart is the place for all your organic and vegetarian supplies that are reasonably priced.

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