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‘The village of fishermen’

THIS week, the Pepperpot Magazine visited the village of Hague, West Coast Demerara, a medium-sized community of fishermen, farmers and other skilled professionals. Hague Village is located between Fellowship and Cornelia Ida and is home to hundreds of Guyanese of both Afro and Indo descent.

This village has a few internal streets that extend from the foreshore to way down Hague Back, where there is large scale rice farming and orchard cultivation. The public road section has a few large businesses and it is a place where everybody is familiar with each other.

The people are neighbourly and very accommodating and friendly. Hague Village has a mosque, a church, a mandir, a Nursery School and a defunct community centre ground and building.

The community has good roads, electricity, potable water supply, internet and cable television services, landline and cellphone services and just about everything else that is needed to have a comfortable life. Hague is known as the village of fishermen. Most men in the community grew up in the fishing business and it is the only job they know; some of them are even third generations of fisherfolk.

The people are simple, yet they take pride in keeping their surroundings clean and tidy and there is an abundance of trees, plants and fresh fruits and vegetables. Hague is a place where a thirsty traveller can visit and get a cold drink of water and a place to rest; it is a safe village and it is quiet and tranquil, especially for the residents who reside near the seawall.

At the seawall, central government through the Sea Defence Commission in 2019 constructed a concrete ramp over the seawall which is very necessary for fishermen to access their boats and to load the fishing boats for their fishing trips. The concrete ramp was built in 2019 and the fishermen and all residents are very pleased with this development in the village.

The villagers have erected wooden benches and seating accommodation to be comfortable whenever they wish to enjoy the cool sea breeze and relax. The Hague seaside is a place where you would prefer to sit and reminisce on life among other thoughts and you wouldn’t be in any hurry to leave, since it is a really good place to be.

As simple as it may seem, sitting by the seaside is a good way to de-stress and free your mind of negativity and it would feel as though a thousand pounds of stress was lifted off the shoulders. Hague is a very clean village and it has a lot of well-kept houses and small shops and other essential services are sourced from nearby villages.

The way of life for the people at Hague Village is simple, yet fulfilling, because most of the residents have a purpose in life and they are always trying to develop ways to earn and enhance their lives. Most of the people residing in the village have lived all their lives there, with just a few newcomers.

The people of Hague Village are very hard-working with less time to complain and more time to work. It is a village where people can still go over to their neighbour’s yard and get coconuts and fruits and vegetables, because they are a hospitable people.

Hague Village is a lovely community where people are in no hurry to pass time, since they have things to do to stay busy. Hague Village is home to a few businessmen, who would buy fish on a wholesale basis for export and some are owners of fishing boats, who employ people from within the community to make the fishing trips, twice monthly.

Here, the people are comfortable and life is good, despite some challenges.

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