This 4-nil victory over The Bahamas a significant morale-booster

GUYANA’S World Cup qualifying campaign received a significant morale-booster with a commanding 4-nil victory against The Bahamas last Tuesday in the Dominican Republic

This World Cup qualifier triumph is only second to Earl O’Neal’s men 5-2 victory against Grenada at the GCC ground, Bourda in March 1980. Guyana’s World Cup qualifying campaign began some 45 years ago, July 4, 1976.

Today, Chronicle Sport and statistician Charwayne Walker will take readers back starting with that historic 2-nil victory over Suriname at GCC ground, Bourda.

Guyana’s World Cup qualifier debutants defeated old nemeses Suriname at world-famous GCC Bourda 2-nil. Goalscorers Vibert Butts and Keith Niles. Maurice Enmore’s men lost the return fixture 0-3 in Paramaribo 1976.

World Cup qualifier #3: Guyana defeated Grenada 5-2 at GCC Bourda, March 1980. Goalscorers: Clyde Watson, who registered a double. Clyde Forde, Gordon Braithwaite and Ashton Taylor.

Qualifier #4: Guyana defeated Grenada 3-2 at St George’s. Goalscorers: Clyde Watson who scored another double and Ashton Taylor. Qualifier #5: Lost 0-1 to Suriname at GCC Bourda 1980. Qualifier #6: Lost to Suriname 0-4 nil, Paramaribo 1980 and in qualifier # 7, lost to Cuba Havana 1980.

Qualifier #8: Lost to Cuba 0-3 at Mackenzie Sports Club, 1980. Qualifier #9: Lost to Suriname 0-1, Paramaribo 1984. Qualifier #10: Drew with Suriname one-all, GCC Bourda 1984. Goalscorer Terrence Archer.

Qualifier #11: Guyana lost to Trinidad and Tobago 0-4 at Camp Ayanganna 1988, qualifier #12: Trinidad and Tobago won one-nil, Arima 1988.

Qualifier #13: Suriname won 2-1, GCC Bourda 1992. Goalscorer Anthony Stanton. Qualifier #14 was drawn with Suriname one-all, Paramaribo. Goalscorer Kevin Archer, 1992.

Qualifier #15: Lost to Grenada 1-3, GCC Bourda 1996. Goalscorer Bryan Joseph. Qualifier #16: Lost to Grenada 0-5, St George’s 1996. Qualifier #17: Grenada won 6-nil, St George’s 2004. Qualifier #18: Grenada won 3-1, Blairmont Community Centre. Goalscorer Carey Harris 2004.

Qualifier #19: Lost 0-1 to Suriname, Paramaribo 2008. Qualifier #20: Lost to Suriname 1-2, Providence National Stadium 2008. Goalscorer Nigel Codrington 2008. Qualifier #21: Defeated Barbados 2-nil, Providence National Stadium 2011. Goalscorers Charles Pollard and Shawn Beveney. Qualifier #22: Defeated Barbados 2-nil, Bridgetown 2011. Goalscorers Anthony Abrams and Christopher Nurse.

Qualifier #23 Guyana defeated Bermuda 2-1, Providence National Stadium 2011. Goalscorer Vurlon Mills, who scored the double. Qualifier #24: drawn with Bermuda one-all at Hamilton. Goalscorer Ricky Shakes. Qualifier #25: Defeated Trinidad and Tobago, Providence National Stadium 2011, 2-nil, Goalscorers Ricky Shakes and Carl Cort. Qualifier #26: Lost to Trinidad and Tobago 0-3, Port of Spain 2011.

Qualifier #27: Guyana lost to Mexico 1-3, Azteac Stadium 2012. Mexico scored an own goal. Qualifier #28 Costa Rica won 4-nil, Providence National Stadium 2012. Qualifier #29: Drawn, El Salvador 2-all, San Salvador 2012. Goalscorer Trayon Bobb who scored the double. Qualifier #30: Lost to El Salvador 2-3, Providence National Stadium 2012. Goalscorers Gregory Richardson and Christopher Nurse. Qualifier #31: Guyana beaten by Mexico 0-5, Houston Texas 2012. Qualifier #32: Lost to Costa Rica 0-7, San Jose 2012. Qualifier #33: Drawn match with St Vincent and the Grenadines, Kingstown 2016 with goalscorers Ricky Shakes and Brandon Beresford. Qualifier #34: Drawn match with St Vincent and the Grenadines, Providence National Stadium 2016. Goalscorers Avery Welshman (2) and Neil Danns (2).

Qualifier #35: Lost to Trinidad and Tobago 0-3, Dominican Republic 2021. Qualifier #36: Defeated Bahamas 4-nil, Dominican Republic 2021. Goalscorers Terrence Vancooten, Kadell Daniels, Omari Glasgow and Avery Welshman.


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