Miracle hands | Home-based massage therapy helping many people from far and wide
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Village elder Mahadeo Kancha (Carl Croker photos)
Village elder Mahadeo Kancha (Carl Croker photos)

By Michel Outridge
PEOPLE would journey from far and wide to get immediate relief from local therapy massage for pains and aches for the entire body at Mahadeo Kancha’s place at Vriesland Squatting Area, West Bank Demerara.

Kancha started out by looking at his father who, before, used to be the village man who massaged the pain out of many people who came to get relief from injuries among other pains of the body.

One day someone came to their house and was in dire need of relief from intense back pain and Kancha asked the person if they wanted him to try.
The person replied in the positive and within a few minutes he managed to use his fingers and slipped a disc, which was displaced, back in place in the man’s back.
From that day on he began his practice to help others when medical intervention would not.

It was in 1979 when he began his home-based therapy massage, using his fingers to bring the much-needed relief for many people including some overseas visitors.
Kancha, who has never been certified, would first send people to get an x-ray or a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) before he decides to assist them.
“Things like spinal cord, pinched nerve and spine I don’t interfere with, because that’s serious and those will have to seek the advice from the medical professionals,” he said.
If he cannot assist people he would refer them to a bone specialist or an orthopaedic specialist for them to assist.

The bed Mahadeo Kancha uses to do his massage therapy

Kancha told the Pepperpot Magazine that he would help people with neck, shoulder, back, foot and other ailments which are causing them immense pain.
He would then issue his warning for them not to lift heavy things or to do strenuous work, to lie flat for some time to allow their bodies to heal properly.

The 72-year-old reported that due to the pandemic he is not seeing people, because he was warned by the police to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines and not to have a crowd.
Kancha related that when it comes to pricing for his service he doesn’t say, but whatever is given to him he would accept.

The pensioner disclosed that he used to be a cane-cutter for many years after which he worked his way up to the factory as a porter, then a boiler/charge-hand then to foreman at the Wales Sugar Estate.

The father of four stated that he retired in 2008 before the estate was closed, but not before he had an on-site accident in the factory which caused him to have knee replacement for both knees.

Kancha said he relocated to Vriesland Village in 1975; in 2006 the place was regularised and he was given his land title.
This village elder stated that over the years he has treated many people including some locals, some businessmen and even doctors and doesn’t refuse to help people.
Kancha said these days he is not in prime health because of his hypertensive condition, but he is using some home-made remedies and would visit the Wales Sugar Estate dispensary for regular check-ups.

“Doing this kind of work is not a money-making scheme, but to help people who are suffering and are in pain and I get to meet a lot of people and make new friends [who have] become like family to me and that in itself is rewarding,” he said.

Kancha related that at times people who were expected to get surgery for different medical complaints would get his massage therapy and cancelled their surgeries after getting fixed almost immediately.

“People does come here to see me from all over this country, even overseas, and some people doesn’t even say thanks after being treated,” Kancha said, but stated that others would remember and call or reward him with tokens of appreciation.

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