Men sharing their stories
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THIS month is moving so FAST. More people are talking about the hours getting shorter. We have to be more intentional now more than ever about our time management so we can be more efficient to increase our productivity.

We are hosting a virtual Time Management Mastermind on the 24th and 27th of September; and if you think you need some help in this area, please join us.
Last week I featured some of the co-authors in the MEN ACROSS BORDERS anthology. The Men Across Borders anthology will be launched on the 30th of September on Amazon. This anthology of stories provides an intricate insight into the adaptability of the willpower of man. Men Across Borders is an appropriate title for a stimulating study of resourceful affirmations of men coming from diverse cultures, yet facing similar challenges.
This compilation offers a window into the souls of men, allowing others to appreciate that all men contend equally with the search for self-worth. Through their unique testimonies, salient lessons are taught, implicitly, through an incisive understanding of their resolve and their experiences.

I am introducing five of the other inspiring co-Authors from Guyana and around the world:
Shawn English is a man of God and an accomplished musician, known for spreading his passion for inspiring young people with his upbeat and diverse lyrics in songs such as “Trixx” and “Awesome God.” Though Shawn feels led to specifically advocate for youth, his sound is timeless, influencing all generations that hear and identify with his positive messages.
In 2006, at the age of 20, Shawn entered the GT&T Jingle Competition (the biggest competitive music event in Guyana). Not only did he win the competition, but it also opened many doors for his fresh new sound. Later that year, Shawn released his first single,“Blinded,” which received good reviews, especially in the rock fraternity. Other songs such as “Chains” and “The Name” (with Rene Chester) followed in the subsequent year.

Uon Thomas Sandiford, born to Pamela Bryan, a staunch businesswoman and Thomas Sandiford, an esteemed diplomat, Uon Thomas Sandiford rose from humble beginnings in South Georgetown, Guyana. As the last of six boys in a family of six siblings, Uon has become one of the most extraordinary personalities in the medical field and by extension Guyana. Warm and inviting, considerate and funny are just a few words that describe Uon when asked about in local and international circles, but he is also brilliant.

After four amazing yet equally hardworking years at the West China School of Stomatology in Chengdu, China, he was awarded a degree in Doctor of Medicine and Dentistry. It was during this time his love of volunteerism, entrepreneurship and, of course, dentistry was born.

Félix Figuera, son of Adelfina Guillen de Figuera and Victor Figuera, a peasant who was a farmer his entire life. He as born in a farmhouse that no longer exists, called Zorro Azul (Blue Fox) in a Village named Naricual, State of Anzoátegui, Venezuela.
As a child, most of his time was spent with many deficiencies but always dreaming of a better life. It was known that there was another way of life and he eagerly longed for it. After spending several years working as a labourer, no satisfaction was gained and he knew that God had another way that would lead him to a different and great purpose. One day, in the year 1979, Félix had an encounter with God that changed his life forever. He started a new life, got married to his wife, his beloved Maritza Bellorin, who made him a father of six beautiful children.
Samson Zee, an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience, Samson Teaches Success Mindset, Business Strategies, And Corporate Transformational Change. Whether it’s sales, customer service or Corporate Change Consulting, attendees will be equipped with the necessary skills to champion the ever-changing business world. Samson has spoken across Asia and is sought after for his motivating magic. He has spoken to various MNCs, government organisations and academic institutions. Sharing the same stages with well-known names such as Robert Kiyosaki and Les BGrown, Samson delivers powerful key messages and profound take always.
Wil Pluck

Wil Pluck has been an educator and has earned the noble distinction of being awarded ‘Best Teacher of the Year’ for two consecutive years in The Bahamas where his students repeatedly topped the country. His first teaching appointment was at St. Rose’s High School, after which he was transferred to President’s College — ‘School of Excellence.’ At both institutions, Wil Pluck served as the Art Master. At the college, he was also elected twice (consecutively) to serve as Secretary for the Teachers’ Association there. After such ‘red carpet’ achievements in the teaching profession, and having had many students winning gold, Supreme Gold, silver and bronze (internationally), he resigned and took up an appointment as public relations officer for an industrial agency, Guymida. This brought him into alignment with mainstream media (radio programmes/Editor of its magazine and newsletter). After serving in such a capacity for a while, he pursued the interest of exploring a wider regional interest for research and exposure as a journalist. With such an intended focus/function, while he extends compassionate hands on Haiti…memories of Jamaica remain of him most charming…with envied pre-eminence of also providing the most hospitable, prolific and uninhibited platform for his writing as a media practitioner – journalist/reporter/art & social critic.

I am super excited to be the person compiling this anthology that is providing a platform for men to share their journeys. I am simultaneously working on the next WOMEN BORDERS and if you are interested in a chapter, email as we continue to celebrate this beautiful journey called life BEYOND THE RUNWAY.

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