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SEPTEMBER started well for me and I have greater clarity regarding my next project. I miss not going to Sophia but I am still finding ways to enjoy the Amerindian Heritage Month celebrations. Last week I featured two amazing persons from the indigenous community, Terry Ceasar and Sabanto Tokoroho on the BEYOND THE RUNWAY Show. This week I had Tuma (my favourite indigenous dish) with cassava bread, twice. This will be another meaningful and hectic month because we are launching the Men Across Borders Anthology among other things. I will be sharing a bit about the amazing co-authors from around the world.

Last week’s article was about the great work that Canada-based Guyanese Suresh Sugrim is making as a major contribution to humanity. He will be one of the featured stories with 13 other men. My friend Richard Young writes so much about other personalities and I am finally getting him to share part of his journey with the world.

Richard Young is a Caribbean creative impresario who has worked extensively in the region, directing and producing fashion/arts/beauty/culture-related projects for the past 30 years. He has become one of the most sought-after cultural industry specialists in the region, winning accolades and being recognised for his service-export excellence.

His talent for branding, merchandising, production/event management and strategic cultural industry networking has assumed significant proportions which positions him as a savvy expert to lead developmental coaching; to corral motivational endorsement; to foster youth-empowerment initiatives; to steer creative entrepreneurship agenda; to engage gender-based identity responsibility. All in all, he has mastered enacting identity-branding consultation and cultural-confidence investment. He has tutored at several programmes to develop personal and professional confidence, to impart knowledge on service excellence and to steward creatives in best-practice methods For unique sales positioning.

I am also excited that Pastor Diego Alphonso will be inspiring many young men with his chapter.
Diego Alphonso is a pastor and chaplain with the New Testament Church of God (NTCOG) in Guyana. In 2012 Pastor Alphonso was appointed Administrator of the Men Affairs Bureau within the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security. Presently he continues to serve the Government of Guyana in the Gender Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Social Protection.
Pastor Diego Alphonso has received an ambassadorial appointment by CICA International University with the right and privilege of carrying the title of His Excellency Rev. Diego Alphonso, CDSE (Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of Special Envoy). A title that he modestly uses very rarely. Pastor Alphonso is married to Sonia Alphonso and is the father of three wonderful children Gabriella, Cassandra and Israel.

I met Dave Armstrong during the Build Your Brand challenge hosted by Tony Robins, Dean Graziozi and Russell Brunson. I invited him to share his inspiring journey and I am happy he accepted the challenge. Sensei Dave Armstrong was a product of a broken family, foster care, youth-correction facilities, and a deceased, only parent at the age of 13. As an “at-risk” youth and a “product” of the inner-city education system, young Sensei Dave was predestined to run with gangs, not graduate high school and be dead or in jail by the age of 18. After his mother passed away, Dave lost all contact with his family and was in and out of boys’ homes, juvenile hall, and foster homes in San Bernardino, California, for over five years. But along the way, he was influenced by two AMAZING people: his CASA, Ron Barnick, an Air Force pilot and Otto Johnson, his first martial arts instructor. Without their mentoring, Dave Armstrong would not have been able to mentor, guide, help, and motivate hundreds if not thousands of youth, mentors, foster parents and board members.
Dave now is retired after 24 years of service to our country in the United States Air Force; he has also sat on the Board of Directors as vice-president for non-profit organisations, created his own Martial Arts Mentoring programme and owned three martial arts schools (Faith Martial Arts Inc) in the United States. As a U.S. Air Force veteran, Dave has been able to travel and see the world, spreading his positive and motivational personality from country to country. Currently, Dave is retired in the country of Greece and writing a truly inspirational autobiography.

Johnny Randle Jr was born August 21, 1964, in Thornton, MS to Gennie and Johnny Randle Sr, his arrival was assisted by the community midwife.  Johnny was the second child of seven children born to his father and second born to seven born to his mother.  He was the second of nine children altogether.  Johnny is a military veteran who joined the military at the age of 21.  Challenged with a disability many may find difficulty accepting, Johnny tells jokes and uses humour to help others see the good things in life.  He believes gratitude is the key to success in life.  He likes to share the goodness of God with anyone who will listen.

His favourite quote: “He that liveth in me, is greater than he that is in this world,” John 4:4

This anthology of stories provides an intricate insight into the adaptability of the willpower of man. Men Across Borders is an appropriate title for a stimulating study of resourceful affirmations of men coming from diverse cultures, yet facing similar challenges.

I am personally inviting you to join us for the virtual launch on the 30th as we continue to celebrate this beautiful journey called Life BEYOND THE RUNWAY.

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