Confidence becomes You
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THIS is my first time as a coach on the Healthy Thoughts Challenges and I love it. Meeting up on line with my tribe energises me. They are from Guyana and many parts of the world and their daily feedback is a dose of inspiration. If anyone had told me that I would be utilising this virtual space like this I would have responded: ‘I don’t like technology and technology hates me.’ Lol.

Imagine, there were six evenings for the Women Across Borders Virtual Event? God is great and worthy to be praised.

The positive-
energy event certainly carried me in the challenge. Now the challenge is taking me in the direction of the first Confidence Becomes You virtual programme. We know how self-confidence is important to both our physical health and our psychological well-being. When we believe in ourselves we are more likely to try new things, devote our time and energy to tasks that matter, make good lifestyle choices, and foster healthy relationships.

We have had many sessions in the classroom but this is the first time on line. Males and females have already registered from Guyana, Trinidad, French Guiana, Nigeria and many parts of the United States.

I was going to give an insight into the programme but decided others would be more effective in sharing their experience. Here are some testimonials from persons who completed the programme
“My name is Joan Jackie Butcher, an educator and an owner of a small business named ‘Butcher’s’ which was birthed from the class of Confidence Becomes You. As a past student of this dynamic class, I remembered the story of one of my colleagues who had lost her job. And as she was relating her story, Sonia Noel the convenor of the class asked her what she loves the most and her reply was cleaning and washing. Ms. Noel fondly called Sonia then said to her and I quote, ‘Then you have a job, you can open your own cleaning service and work for your self.’

It was at that said moment an idea came to me and said you can own your own business too. My baby was birthed right there (my business). I then immediately told Sonia and the class that by the end of the said year I will have my own business. So said so done. Today I am the owner of a business because I was a part of the class, Confidence Becomes You. That class changed my mindset. And also hearing other persons’ stories and sharing mine helped me to think positively. So for me with God as my pilot and having done that class is one of the stepping stones for who I have become today. So I encourage persons to join the class, Confidence Becomes You and be encouraged. Thank you, Sonia, I will forever be grateful.”

Meleesa Payne, Entrepreneur/Former Miss Guyana Universe:
“Confidence Becomes You has impacted my life in ways unexplainable. I have taken risks in my business and made bold decisions to be the best version of myself. I am proud of the person I have become after attending the workshop, it’s a blessing.”

Maryam Jameela Haniff was so shy when she joined the class but she did not regret afterwards. She shared her remarks: “The course built my confidence and helped me reignite flames that had been long extinguished by circumstance. In a nutshell, it aids in discovering who we are truly meant to be.”
The programme is not only for females and here is a testimonial from Shawn Hetemeyer, a 25-year-old student: “I attended the Confidence Becomes You workshop in 2018 and, beyond the information dispensed, I learned a lot from the experiences of the other participants. It was the first workshop of that kind I had ever attended and the experience taught me how to network.

Candacee Lowe-Edwards, Programme Administrator at 104.1 Lite FM:
“Confidence Becomes You is one of my greatest and most humbling investments I’ve ever given to myself. Almost three years later, and the teachings from Ms. Noel still allow me to commit to working intentionally on the best version of who I am and ultimately what will be.”

The class is perfect for all ages, races and nationalities. Her is a view from a teenager Varuna Ganess: “Just hopped out of high school as a naive 16-year-old, entering into the real world where everything will be abnormally different from my everyday life. I had no idea what to expect until I was introduced into the building confidence working shop by Ms.Sonia Noel. The Confidence Becomes You workshop helped to improve my emotional intelligence, encouraged me not to be afraid of taking risks, be secure about myself as we are all unique in our own way and more importantly, the fashion tips were a slayer. From this experience, I’ve grown into a more confident, stronger young lady than ever.”

It will take a few columns to share all the testimonials so I will stop after JoAnn Forde, Founder – Innovoir Spa: “Before doing this class, I was surviving and not living. The life skills I’ve learnt and live by today are values. I now put value to everything, which before I didn’t. I value my time, my efforts, my opportunities, my opinions, my goals and dream investments (either what I’ve invested or what people invested into me). I no longer just go through a day, but I intentionally LIVE through my day. I celebrate every second of life- success and failure – both. One thing I’ve learnt is, no matter how far I fall, I can always get back up!!! I encourage you to give yourself a chance and live life with INTENTION.”

This will be held on August 4 and 5, 2020. If you are interested email as we continue to celebrate this beautiful journey called life BEYOND THE RUNWAY.

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