Seven Days Healthy Thoughts Challenge
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I HAVE been on a journey of mental detox and intense intentional growth and am having fantastic results. I decided to create a programme to share to benefit people. Many active thoughts go through our minds every minute and many are likely toxic thoughts.

I love the quote when Gandhi said: “ I will not allow people with dirty feet to walk through my mind.”
I am sharing the amazing testimony of the results after dedicating just a few minutes a day for the seven days programme.
I am impressed when people take action like Jo Ann Forde who told me her new venture was birthed from this challenge. I received a pic which I included in this article saying this was birthed out of the seven days challenge and also shared some words: “Change your thoughts, change your Life!! If this is what seven days can bring out of me. Imagine if I had allowed my healthy thoughts all my life where I would be. Let’s not stop now, we are more powerful than our thoughts o let’s direct where they go. Be intentional about what you think and let’s use our minds to bring to life every gift God has entrusted us with!”
The drama queen Clemencia Goddette was also on this journey.

“As the saying goes: ‘Empowered women empower women’ and that is exactly what you are doing Sonia. I am so happy that you are obedient to your directions. My dad would always say that, ‘A woman’s hair is her beauty” but for some time before the challenge, I wasn’t feeling Beautiful. However fast forward during the challenge, I was given some tools to help me to SHOOT down those negative thoughts that I used to entertain and replace them with some excited and positive thoughts. So I boldly cut my hair and now I feel so powerful and beautiful because I did it for me and no one else.”

Reena Francis from Boston shared her experience. “Being part of the Healthy Thoughts Seven Days Challenge with Dr Sonia Noel helped me to be aware of unhealthy thoughts and their triggers. I have become very much aware of the need to re-channel those thoughts to a healthy space. I’m also now surrounded by a group of women that strive for the ‘Best out of Better’.” – Reena Francis

Latoya Barton said: “Being a part of this challenge has made me begin to think about the root causes of the negative thoughts I have and I now try to resolve those. I have been able to push myself more by the way I think and am able to block out those who will not contribute to my own growth. We are what we think and if we want to exceed our abilities, changing the way we think is the first step.”

Subrina Grant : “The challenge of ridding one’s mind of toxic thoughts and has been so empowering and fulfilling. My thoughts can and will determine my divine destiny.”

In some cases, some family members benefited

“Being a part of this healthy thoughts challenge has not only helped me but my family because they wanted to be a part of what I was doing. I became so time conscious and disciplined. Then I focused on spending 15 mins each day with God, myself or family and that was the highlight of my days.” Rochel Wright

Alesia Amanda from French Guiana was one of the most excited on this journey: “Throughout my journaling, I have managed to eliminate all forms of negative thoughts and doubts from my mind indefinitely. Being apart of this wonderful seven days of healthy thoughts challenge has really helped me on my journey of becoming more focused and confident in myself.
I was procrastinating about a lot of my goals that I had started but never found the strength to continue because of those negative branches. The moment I decided to change my mindset and my thinking I was able to accomplish so much in just a few days. This is just the beginning of my journey. Great strength comes from within “

We had a poet in the group and her summary included soulful poetic language
My confidence had dropped tremendously and I had stopped doing the things I enjoy like writing poems and doing photoshoots but throughout the process, I was able to combat all the negative thoughts and start back doing the little things I enjoy and I am grateful for the push and encouragement from the great Sonia Noel and I can’t wait to share some of the work I managed to accomplish.

I feel more refreshed, renewed and very hopeful.
I am ready to continue this journey on self-love, self-acceptance and self-confidence.
Throughout this journey, I also wrote a quote which I used to motivate myself.

It says :
“You pretty petal
You wonderful queen
Your life is indeed magical
So go out there and fulfil your dreams
You are beyond important
You are exceptional and STRONG
Chin up, you are a warrior
And in this world you belong”
I now feel more POWERFUL, beautiful and UNSTOPPABLE and I now know that I can conqueror the world with a positive mindset and a calm, cool and collective spirit.” Roshel Bailey.

Check out the 21 Days of Intentional Growth launched yesterday as we continue to celebrate this beautiful journey called life BEYOND THE RUNWAY.

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