‘Block Party’ makes a comeback
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–tomorrow night @ de Racquet Centre

ALL roads lead tomorrow night to the Racquet Centre on Camp Street, as Drew Thoven brings back the ‘Block Party’, which grew into the most anticipated event in the last quarter of the year.

Speaking with ‘The Buzz’, the young creator said that this Block Party idea was birthed last year after the major success of the first Guyana Carnival. He said he wanted to create an event leading up to the Carnival for this year.

So, last November, Drew hosted the first Block Party at the Giftland Parking Lot, and statistics show that his event was the biggest ever that was held at the venue.

Thousands of young people packed the parking lot, causing now, much excitement for the return of the Block Party this year.

Drew said that the party is more than just him wanting to host an event, but rather it’s paving the way for what is yet to come.

“I’m a producer, and the block party I would have experienced was thrown by Mad Decent (Major Lazor). What it is, it’s like a DJ show that the entire community comes out and features them and their friends. So while I may not be performing at the last block party and this block party, or even the next one, it’s just building that brand so that when I’m ready to start performing, I have that platform. So that is basically the reason why I am even doing an event. So it still ties back into my music career. It’s not just that I want to throw a party. It all ties back into selling an experience and giving an experience that is different, and tying it in back with music and the concept of Guyana Carnival,” he told ‘The Buzz’.

This year’s Block Party has already been creating chaos, since it started out with a secret location. Now the location has been announced, over 800 University of Guyana students would have already secured their passes, and many other patrons are already rushing ticket locations.
Male tickets cost $3000 and the female tickets that admit two persons, cost $2000. Ticket locations are: The Chaos booth at the Giftland Mall, That Look Boutique on South Road, and Latoya’s House of Fashion on Robb and Albert Streets.
Persons are advised to dress comfortably, and come prepared to have and enjoyable violence-free night with friends.

Many attractions are also in store, as Drew would have disclosed that fire breathers, stilt walkers, the inhale baes, and some of the best DJs in the country.
All this effort being placed into the event is to create the perfect ambiance and enjoyable vibes for all, and give a preview of what to expect for Guyana Carnival 2020.

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