Vandals raid tomb at La Belle Alliance Cemetery  
The tomb that was broken into at the La Belle Alliance Cemetery
The tomb that was broken into at the La Belle Alliance Cemetery

THE tomb of the wife of popular businessman, Victor Warner, who was brutally murdered in 2011, was broken into and several of her body parts have disappeared when robbers recently invaded the La Belle Alliance Cemetery.

Enid Warner died on June 10, 1994 and was buried at La Belle Alliance, Region Two. According to information reaching the Guyana Chronicle, a cattle farmer noticed the vandalised tomb and raised an alarm.

According to the daughter of the deceased, Gail Warner, she was shocked when she learnt what had happened to her mother’s tomb.
“Why would someone, after 25 years, want to break into my mother’s tomb; there is nothing valuable inside and I wonder why they will want to remove the remains of my mother who was a very good woman to society,” Gail said.

A visit to the scene revealed that the tomb raiders used a mobile cutting torch to slice open the steel grill before opening the tomb. The tomb inside was emptied. The skull and other parts of the skeleton were removed and taken away.

The bones of the deceased woman’s foot was left in her stockings along with some small bones, her dress and pieces of the casket were left scattered outside.
Residents recall hearing heavy knocking one night about a week ago inside the cemetery but did not bother to investigate what was happening.

They believe that the tomb raiders were up to evil since last year, four other tombs were broken into and skulls were removed.
Residents are calling on the police to investigate the matter.


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